Mad Day with the Fab Four

We all have our favorite pictures of The Beatles.  Like the albums, I go in phases.  I love some more than others depending on my mood, I suppose.   Some, more than others, though do always remain in my top-3 Beatle photo shoots of all-time.

The photos from the Beatles’ Mad Day Out (White Album-era photos) are among my favorite photos of The Beatles.  It is clear that they are in a playful mood, which is striking considering the countless stories about how hard those sessions were to get through (particularly for Ringo).  If those stories are even close to being true, you’d never know it from these photos.   If you haven’t seen these photos first-hand I recommend catching them while they are still on display.  Also, if any of you dear readers feel like getting your favorite Beatle blogger a birthday present, it looks like they have prints for sale….HA HA HA.

  • What photo shoot of the Beatles is your favorite? 
    (Check here for a list of them all, with pictures, to jog your memory.)
    Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

 A photographer who captured the Beatles’ “mad day out” on camera brings the images to Liverpool tomorrow.

Tom Murray spent a day messing around in London with the Fab Four in July 1968.

The band, who were recording the White Album, decided to stage a photo-shoot with a difference.

Murray, a Sunday Times photographer, was roped in by veteran war photographer Don McCullin, but had no idea who he was due to picture until he arrived.

He said: “We arrived at this old church which was a rehearsal studio.

“I walked in and there was Paul McCartney playing at the piano. George and Ringo were at one side drinking tea and in the other corner were John and Yoko.

“It really was a mad day rushing around London. We’d get half-an-hour, maybe 45 minutes at the most in any one place before too many people arrived.”

The 65-year-old photographed the Beatles on a small Nikon camera he still has today, but says no one paid him any attention.

Now a number of the 23 vivid colour images, which were stored unseen for three decades until 1998, are being brought to Liverpool.

While the originals are locked in a New York bank vault, people visiting Rennies art gallery in Bold Street tomorrow will have the chance to talk to Murray and buy limited edition giclée prints of eight of the originals.

Anyone interested in attending the evening, which runs from 6-9pm, should call 0151-708 0599.

Source: Liverpool Echo


5 Responses

  1. Tittenhurst ’69. They never looked cooler.

  2. Tittenhurst ’69 is my second favorite photo shoot just behind the Mad Day Out.

  3. Mad Day Out will forever be my fav shoot. My first ever Beatles shirt was a Mad Day Out pic, and my favorite Beatles poster is one as well. They all look lovely in the photos, and the colors are so vibrant and surreal. For me the pictures combine the elements of the early days and later days in that the maturity is there yet there’s an undeniable playfulness that can only be reminscent of the early sixties. I also think it’s George at his most beautiful.

  4. for me, the top pictures are (in any order):

    the pictures taken in hamburg by astrid…..the classics!!

    the “mad day out” (when is the book of all the photos coming out??)….we who cannot buy a single photo at those prices would buy the book, right? right?

    the pic of the sgt.pepper newsconference-of paul and john looking at each other and laughing wildly (taken by linda).

    the pictures from the “penny lane”/strawberry fields” video and photo shoot of around the same time……when i had to pick an era for the tattoo of the beatles (on my inner wrist), that is the photo era i picked…..someone already said george was at his most beautiful in the “mad day out ” shots……i beg to differ…….to me, he is at his most beautiful in these pics i’m talking about. that was one reason i chose that time period (jan-feb.? 1967). the other reason was that the sgt. pepper mustaches describe an era to me, the time when their art reached olympian heights. and judging from their expressions during the video shoot, perhaps other heights as well…..ah, youth……as many of us say…….

  5. These are great shots – I’ve always loved the ‘railings’ shot on the gatefold red and blue albums – does anyone know which of the photographers there on the day took that particular shot?

    I’m desperate to get hold of a print – anyone know?


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