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McCartney in historic return to Paris concert-hall

For someone who swears he’s not touring, Paul sure is making a lot of stops on the everlong promotional tour to support his latest release, now in re-deux deluxe edition.  I don’t mean to sound snide with that comment, but I wish he would simply just tour around the globe for this album already.  I simply don’t want to wait until next year to enjoy the sounds of Paul McCartney and his awesome band in a live setting.

A lot of the long-time readers here already know how much I love the latest album, I simply want the chance to hear some of those tracks live.  “House of Wax” would be stunning live.  I cannot wait for a tour to kick off.  OK, I’ll stop rambling.

If anyone is attending the France show next week, drop me a line.  I’d love to post a report here.  Same thing goes for the rumored Electric Proms show.  We hear there may be a surprise or two at that show as well. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Four decades after playing Paris’s legendary L’Olympia concert hall with the Beatles, Paul McCartney returns to the venue Monday saying “it’s still exciting.”

“It’s really good to come back here,” the ex-Beatle told reporters ahead of his one-off Paris gig. “”Every time I’m in Paris as a tourist I come here to see the Olympia.”

But “40 years ago it was very new and exciting,” he said of the band’s memorable concerts in 1964. “Now it’s still exciting but not very new.”

McCartney, 65, last performed in Paris in 2004, but has not played France’s top venue since 1972, when he sang with former band Wings.

Hundreds of people camped out overnight braving cold autumn weather in front of the central city theatre to get one of 2,000 odd tickets for the concert, bringing chairs and duvets as theatre staff opened up a snack bar offering chocolate bars and drinks for the fans.

The tickets went on sale at 11 am (0900 GMT) at a price of 55 euros (78 dollars) and 77 euros.

McCartney’s latest album “Memory Almost Full” was released in June but the former Beatle has been getting more media attention recently for his divorce from former model Heather Mills.

Commenting on his decision to quit the EMI label for Starbucks’ Hear Music, McCartney said that as the music industry changed through Internet use and downloads, “I started to think that the record companies don’t know how to deal with it (the change).”

The people at Starbucks had been passionate about his music whereas the record companies just weren’t selling any more, he added.

Moves by groups such as Radiohead to offer free downloads were “interesting”, he said.

Asked about his career as an ex-Beatle, McCartney said “I don’t worry anymore about the Beatles overshadowing my solo work.

“I’m very proud of having been part of one of the most important bands in the world.”

Source: AFP


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