VIDEO: Now and Then

I know this video is simply a fan’s mashup, but wow is it impressive.  There are so many rumors flying around about this track.  Will it be released?  Won’t it be released? Will there be George’s guitar work on this one?  Will the Beatle crew go back and use archived audio? Anyway, you guys get the idea.

Why this track was never completed around the time of The Anthology is a question that may never be completely answered.  There were some technical issues.  There were issues of not all being in agreement on the song.  Whatever the reason.  I still think you cannot deny the fact that this would have been on of JohnLennon’s most beautiful and haunting songs. 

Personally, I cannot wait to see what the Beatle team does with it.  If it is half as good as this (weird) fan mashup, then I can’t imagine what professionals will do with it.  Enjoy!

The Beatles – Now and Then (fan-made video)

John Lennon – Now and Then (solo demo version)


18 Responses

  1. I actually liked the video, as well as the song.

  2. It would be more credible if George and Ringo featured more on the video. There was a lot of Paul, especially at the end when Ringo should have had equal prominence. Other than that it was really impressive.

    Who knows, maybe this will help coax the powers that be to release the ‘real’ Beatles version

  3. just keep that merkin Jeff Lyne away from it. he is the antiBeatle.

    A talentless imposter who synthesizes everything he touches into a mash potato bland out.

  4. Don’t know if this is the song, but I had heard that there was one song of John’s that Yoko had given them that Paul was itching to work on but that George wasn’t interested or didn’t think it would work. I suppose this could be it. I don’t know, there could be something there. And I doubt Paul would use Jeff Lynne. He was brought in at George’s behest.

  5. Did the fab 3 do any work on this Lennon-gem? From what you say it sounds like there is something we’re missing out on – a Paul-Ringo-George production on top of the demotape – but is that anything more than wishful thinking?

  6. The mashup was good, and the demo shows some promise; oddly enough it sounds like it could have been written by Macca in late 60’s/early 70’s mode. Certainly seems to have more promise than “Real Love”, which was a real disappointment.
    If there is an actual recording of the Threatles doing it, I would love to hear it, as well as Macca’s stab at it.

    Getting Apple to release anything pertinent seems hopeless. The person or people behind their release strategy is seriously out of whack with the times, the serious fans, as well as the music buying public!

  7. i would love for them to finish this song. there are many rumors buzzing around as to when it will come out. but to be honest, beatle fans are too martin is too old, giles martin is too gimicky, jeff lynne is too electronic, phil spector is too dangerous. no producer. julian and sean and dhanni are not beatles. george is gone.paul and ringo are not the beatles. so, now and then is a john lennon demo only. noone wants another free as a bird or real love, so lets just forget this idea and talk more crap about larry king wasting our time looking at paul and ringo being beatles…im being sarcastic you know….. but beatle fans are stubborn children, never happy with anything……i hope now and then comes out..with paul and ringo on it, plus some george guitar with john vocal…produced by ??????? paul and ringo maybe??? hold your breath folks, blue is in these days…………………..

  8. This is the song Yoko gave to the Threetles, that George was not too keen on finishing. However, they did work on it for officially one day. The Youtube version does not include the results of their work.

  9. i am pretty sure that this is the original 1995 unfinished version

  10. I agree…it sound to much like the real deal

  11. I always wished Yoko Ono had given the threatles the demo of “India, India” which would have fit in nicely as an introduction to the White Album demos on Anthology 3, and it’s a far more realized song than “Now and Then” was.

  12. It is Just nice to hear John…so pure…Sometimes I miss you John!

  13. To be honest, I’ve never really liked John’s demo of “Now and Then.” I found it tuneless, and the incomplete lyrics, with John just making up sounds as he went, didn’t really endear it to me. And the obvious audio defects in the demo were off-putting.

    The fan mash-up, however, has forced me to see the song in an entirely different light.

    I’ve stripped an mp3 audio track out of the video, and listened to, on its own, it’s an eerie, mesmerizing, haunting piece of work.

    I’m not sure where all the sound samples came from. (The only one I can identify positively is the lyric of “Sun King” becomes a backing vocal in “Now and Then.” Many of the samples may not necessary be Beatles-derived.) It doesn’t matter where they came from; somehow, this thing that shouldn’t work absolutely does work together, as a piece.

    I’m amazed by it. It’s remarkable.

    If Paul does finish the song, no doubt I’ll find myself comparing it to this version. A version which I already prefer to John’s demo. 🙂

  14. Oh Johnny-we hardly knew ye!

  15. What a fantastic track. I have been a fan since the 60s and loved the Threetles stuff “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” what a joy to be alive. There is no true fan who would be disapointed at this beautiful gem. It really must be Paul and George singing backing vocals and Ritchie on drums. Whoever mixed it is a genius. The video is so professional I believe that Paul must have had something to do with this. This is such a wonderful gift. We have been waiting for years to hear it. Bring on “All For Love”. Let’s face it life’s too short to hold on to it. Love it.

  16. Allright then. Have you seen this?

    If you like the song, please sign.

  17. i think if it was ” the beatles” then apple would not allow it to be on the internet. not even as a test or teaser of a future beatle new song. it is clever and good but really not the beatles. if you want the beatles just listen to the old records and enjoy the music they made back then.. i do wish and hope it is a new track but what is the point. john and george are dead, and paul and ringo are not the beatles without them. i recorded it onto old fashioned audio tape and made a pretend album.. sad or what… of songs from the anthologies. if they were intended for albums the songs would be better and unfinished songs are, well, …unfiished, and not for public listening. let the beatles r.i.p….let it be.

  18. Whoever remixed this song should come out into the light. It is amazing, and better than I imagined “Now and Then” could sound as a completed Beatles song. I would love to hear more remixes from this artist using some other songs: “Grow Old with Me,” “India,” “Mirror Mirror (On the Wall),” “Gone from This Place,” “Across the River,” “She’s a Friend of Dorothy,” “You Saved My Soul (With Your True Love),” “Help Me to Help Myself,” etc. Keep up the great work, whoever you are.

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