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VIDEO: Trailer for Paul McCartney’s music lesson.

Last week we reported that Paul McCartney would be featured in an online, interactive,  music lesson.  Through this virtual teaching session, Paul teaches budding musicians to play his latest tune, Ever Present Past.  It looks like a really neat way for Paul to get out there.  I love how he is grasping technology and really running with it.  It’s fun to see, even if it is a bit cheesy.

The trailer for paul’s virtual music lesson has been made available online, and it really does look like a bit of fun.

  • Check out the official website, www.nowplayit.com, for more details on the complete lesson, and other offerings that they have.



2 Responses

  1. That was great! Thanks for posting that. Macca is always a lot of fun.

  2. great stuff! exciting!

    i didn’t know there was such a site for tutorials.. 😀

    Paul is great.. (so is john of course)

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