Lennon Peace Tower unveiled.

Yoko always manages to amaze me.  With each passing year she really does find a way to pay tribute to her beloved husband.  This year is the topper, though.  She truly is passing along a legacy for John that is nothing short of amazing.

It is not only about the music, it is about his enduring message.  It is about the melding of art, music, technology and art to promote an ideal.  John would truly be proud of that. 

  • For all information and coverage of the peace tower and the event, check out the official website for the tower at: http://imaginepeace.com  

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono opened a tower of light in Iceland yesterday, dedicated to her late husband John Lennon.

The peace monument was unveiled in Reykjavic on what would have been his 67th birthday, with Ringo Starr amongst the guests in attendance.

The “Imagine Peace Tower” was designed by Ono some 40 years ago, and has been realised with the assistance of Icelandic and Japanese engineers.

It consists of a beam of light rising from a wishing well and featuring the words ‘Imagine Peace’ in 24 languages.

Speaking about the monument, Ono said: “I hope that when the light from the tower will shine, the world will pause for a time and imagine peace.”

Powered by geothermal energy, it will be lit annually on October 9 until December 8, the day on which the former Beatle was murdered.

Source: Yahoo!


2 Responses

  1. Sources in France report Beatles downloads in December and The Beatle Remasters in feb. Other sources have said the new Beatle song “NOW AND THEN” will be part of the December download package as a bonus track.

    Yeah for John and Yoko and the big light in Iceland

  2. I hope that Yoko will live on for a long time.
    But the day she will go, she will be reunited with john, who´s waiting for her. And for sure they will live in a world of peace. God bless them.

    With Love


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