AUDIO: Listen to the Wu-Tang Clan’s new Beatle sampled track “The Heart Gently Weeps”

We have been talking about the Wu-Tang Clan, of all groups, for months now.  As you may or may not know, they have a new Beatle cover tune coming out on their next album.  Not only is it a cover of one of the all-time great Beatle songs, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but it is also the first song to get official Beatle sanctioning to sample some of the Fab Four’s audio

No folks, the news doesn’t stop there.  We also reported that Dhani Harrison would be performing on the track with  Erykah Badu & John Frusciante just to add celebrity goodness.  Usually, rap is not my forte at all, but the track is pretty, well, awesome.  I love the interpretation. 

Check out the track below.  Enjoy!

Wu-Tang Clan – The Heart Gently Weeps (ft. Dhani Harrison, Erykah Badu & John Frusciante)

(NOTE: If the mp3 link goes dead we will try to replace it periodically.  Listen while you can.)


22 Responses

  1. Wow. I’m glad Beatle music is now the music bed for rappers to call women “bitches,” use the “n” word, and generally curse every other line.

    That was really uplifting, and so in tune with the feeling behind the original. (sarcasm mode off)

    Thanks for posting, though, I wondered what this sounded like.

  2. Just curious. In almost every interview he did, when the subject came to rap music, George always said how much he hated it. So why do this?

  3. Yeah, maybe it’s too much to ask us “boomers” to embarce rap. I’m sorry but it’s just so lame and rude and just plain stupid. It’s quite a stretch from the summer of love to what I consider the bile of music today. I just don’t see any marriage of genres happening here. Like taking fine art and rubbing fesces all over it. Sorry. Don’t mean to offend but there it is, for me, anyway. Dhani likes it. It’s his generation. I’ll stick to mine. Yup, I’m officially an old fart, I guess.

  4. Awesome???? Awesome?? how the hell do you call that awesome? Calling women bitches is awesome? Using the N and having no morals is awesome? While My Guitar Gently Weeps has been reduced to “I killed his uncle” and “That bitch is crazy” I cant even think straight I am so upset.

  5. Bitch, the N word… who really cares? I hear that stuff every time I leave my house. What’s the difference? Not to mention that fact that most people who complain are older white men. Uhhh, who started the use of the “N” word anyway? Hmmm? Also, if you want to hear more Beatles being used, what about the Danger Mouse/ Jay-Z “grey album. I’m glad they used a Beatles sample and I hope there is more in hip hop in the future to come. Deal with it! Stop being so narrowminded. Times, they are a changin’.

  6. Just because you here it when you walk out your front door we should ignore it and be okay with it? I dont think so. And I am not an older white male, I am a young white female. I refuse to be okay with people calling women bitches. I think you sir are the one with the problem if you let yourself become okay with the use of that language.

  7. I love the Beatles and I have no problem with Wu-tang sampling this song. The rest of you need to step out of themiddle class boxes you’re living in… Stop focusing on the profanity because you will never understand the reasoning behind it. You can’t relate.

    Its a new generation, and rap music was created BY young struggling black people FOR young struggling black people. You don’t get it because you can’t get past the profanity *gasp*
    Guess what? Adding swears does not change the meaning behind the music. Maybe it does for you, but thats YOUR problem.

  8. The profanity isnt needed it just ruins the song……its pointless and ruins whatever respect the song could have had. And struggling young black people dont need to sing about bitches.

  9. If you think swears ruin it, then don’t listen to it. Wu-Tang is one of Dhani Harrisons favorite bands. I’m sure he’s not going to step out and do this just to piss off his dead father. If you don’t want to be called a bitch, then quit bitching. When they use the word it is not in refrence to the entire female population, if you take it that way then it’s your problem and yours only. I work in music. I spend my day talking to all kinds of people of every age about music. I sell rap MUCH worse then wu-tang to females every single day. They don’t bring it back with complaints because they know the word is not aimed at them. As a hip hop fan I have to say, sometimes profanity gets me (and others) hyped for the music. It’s not NEEDED, but it’s there and there is no chance of that changing in the future. As long as there is hip hop, it will be profain.

  10. Well I hate hip hop and I hate it defacing Beatles music. And the girls who do buy the music have no respect for themselves, they may as well strip down and go dance in one of those disgusting videos.

  11. This is so offensive, it’s head-spinning, and that Dhani Harrison actually participated in it must be making his father spin in his grave.
    If you sell rap “much worse than Wu-Tang to females…[who] know the word is not aimed at them,” they’re in denial. Which isn’t surprising, since almost every young black person I see on the streets of Manhattan is wilfully ignorant, calls education “acting white,” calls other blacks the “N” word but gets hysterical when a noose is hung from a tree, and generally behaves in such a rude, nasty manner that Martin Luther King Jr. must ALSO be spinning in his grave — along with Malcolm X, and even Tupac Shakur, who had something important to say. I may not like rap, but I can recognize what’s good in music. Usually when somebody samples some other artist, it means a lack of creativity on the sampler’s part. This is a disgrace, and the Beatles actually allowing it? Beyond disgraceful. But then again, nobody shows any shame any more. Certainly not the young bitches who only think of money and designer crap, and can only use their bodies, not their minds, to get it; and certainly not “niggas,” black OR white (wannabe whiggers), who can also only think of money and how to degrade women. Probably because not one of these sad cases actually knows who their father was, because he couldn’t be bothered to respect their mother enough to stay. Nor could their mother think enough of herself to keep her legs closed and her mind open, and work to make something of herself; no, she just dropped babies from the age of 12 or so, and had the rest of us work and pay taxes to put food in their mouths so they could grow up to rape and kill the rest of us.
    And if you think I’m racist, so be it. I call ’em as I see ’em. I have several black friends who are just as dismayed as I am by the state of music and African-American youth (not to mention the stupid suburban white kids who imitate “thug life”). It’s a generational thing. We had families, and mothers who raised us properly, and would hit us upside the head if we opened a mouth like this to them.
    I won’t be sad to leave this ugly world behind if that’s who’s going to inherit it. Osama can bring it on, if that’s the case.

  12. I simply don’t understand why they had to use THIS song as a base for their “music!” The totally changed the words and the meaning and for what purpose? Yeah I hate rap and yeah I think The Beatles were the best thing to every happen to music so maybe I am predisposed to prejudice on the subject. But hell, do you really think that we grow as individuals and as a society if we become so immune to deragatory terms that they are accepted as everyday language? Calling a woman a bitch – whether it be one specific woman or all of womankind – is meant to be nasty and hurtful. I’ve been called a bitch because I didn’t walk up the subway stairs fast enough for the man behind me who was in a hurry and brushed past me, almost knocking me down. I’ve been called a bitch by a white man crossing the street against the light with his young son, yelling it at me because I had the audacity to honk the car horn at him when it was my green light, his red (red means stop, green means go) and I needed to make a left turn while I had the signal. Nice example for his son, isn’t it, shouting at a woman like that. Instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator why not use whatever musical medium you choose to educate, uplift and honor instead of tear down and use the debris to climb up because it is the only way you can feel bigger about yourself?

  13. notabitcheither and Maccamate…I like you two : ). Nicely said.

  14. anyone who says they hate rap is lying.
    Who cares what the lyrics say? Its music, if it sounds good it doesn’t matter.
    Profanity is what they use in their everyday life, and their music is a reflection of their lives.
    Anyone who ain’t down with that, is the bitch that they’re talking about.

  15. But it doesnt sound good?! Is just a crappy continued beat made on a computer. Its NOT talent

  16. OK, Beatles fans and rap haters. John Lennon has a song called “Woman is the Ni*ger of the World”…If you are a Beatles fan you already know this. If you don’t know this you are not a Beatles fan. On the same token, if you don’t like THIS song then you are probably not a Wu-Tang fan (obviously) OR a fan of rap music. That being said, Wu-Tang has been making rap music since 1992 and I don’t think they feel the need to change the content of their songs based on the content of the song that they sampled. THIS IS NOT A REMAKE!!! Guns and Roses remade Live and Let Die and most of you probably like that remake because the song is the same. Also, when you don’t hear the story being told in a song you miss the point. Here’s a great example of both: Eric Clapton remade “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley, (Eric Clapton’s version sucks ass) but the lyrics remained the same. Now, did you look at the lyrics of THAT song and say “Shot a Sheriff?” OH MY GOD! No. That song is about a Sheriff who shot his own deputy and the person singing the song knows this and is being threatened by the Sheriff and had to shoot the Sheriff in self-defense (he swears!). But all you heard on the Wu-Tang track is “I killed his uncle…” Thank you to all of you hypocritical, narrow minded, racist white folk out there who wasted their time listening to and critiquing a song (that they thought was a remake) by a group that they’ve never listened to, in a genre of music that they don’t like. DJ in VA, 30 yrs old.

  17. the above post is the most on point one in this thread. the other comments just go to show that none of you are open to different genres of music and cant see the talent and skill in making a song that millions of people across the globe find acceptable. seriously you can dislike the song for one reason or another but discrediting the wu-tang for simply putting their individuality into a track is not needed, the song i believe is excellent and if you find a problem with the words b*tch and n*gga then dont ever step outside your door into the real world, because there much worse things going on, your all just oblivious and choose to focus on things of little importance like this.


  18. The song is actually about dope. I think that the part that says “I killed his uncle” is wrote from the point of view of the drug.

    Rain, the beat was not sampled, wu tang only got permission to interpolate the song. That means they had to recreate the beat themselves. They got John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to play lead guitar for them along with Dhani Harrison playing rhythym guitar. Also, Rza did the musical score for several movies and he has studied musical theory so its not like he has no talent.

    Check this out, its Rza explaining the song and how it came together. He says the song is about dope at the end.

  19. “But it doesnt sound good?! Is just a crappy continued beat made on a computer. Its NOT talent”

    HAHAHA! Wow Rain, its so fucking obvious that you know nothing about hip hop… so thanks for attempting to discuss this new Wu-Tang track with us, however your opinions would hold a lot more value if:
    A) You had basic knowledge of the subject matter
    B) You weren’t a racist

    As for the rest of you haters, I don’t understand how being called a bitch at a traffic light has anything to do with hip hop music. Your issues seem to stem from BAD PARENTING as oppose to profanity in music…

    You’re so ignorant…”the rest of us work and pay taxes to put food in their mouths so they could grow up to rape and kill the rest of us.” Go whine to the fucking government with your “us” and “them” attitude. Your disgusting views offend me more than any swear in the English language.

    So you think parents hitting you upside the head is the difference between our generations? Looks like I found my answer as to why you are so fucking demented.

  20. Its a “free” country we write and say what we please.

    Dont be ignorant it just makes you look stupid to blame how fucked up sociaty is on hiphop music.You dont understand it because you cant relate to it,but that doesnt mean its not music or the story there telling is not real. who are you to criticize someone whos putting what they’ve been threw or feel in their music. If you dont like it then dont listen to it bottom line.

    natasha in FL 22 yrs old.

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