Meet your new music teacher, Paul McCartney

WOW, Paul really is hitting technology hard these days.  He is debuting videos on the internet via youtube.  He is releasing small internet videos and song tidbits via his meyesight website.  There are those communities of Nodding heads that allow people to submit their own videos.  Let’s not forget that Paul’s solo catalog is now available for download via iTunes, as well as the new singles for his latest album.


You’d think that there’s not much more that Paul McCartney and his PR crew could do online, but it looks like they are going to provide Paul’s services as a music teacher as well.  Of course, he’s pimping his latest single in this teaching session, but it’s still an experience with our beloved Paul.  Why can’t it be a lesson on one of our favorite Beatle classics instead.Still, the site looks like a fun and interactive experience.  There are a ton of other artists on this interactive site as well.  Cool.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles legend will give lessons on how to play bass, drums and guitar through a video tutorial on website Now Play It – which won Best Digital Service award at this week’s BT Digital Music Awards (02.10.07).

Paul will be explaining the song-writing process for his hit ‘Ever Present Past’, a song from his new album, ‘Memory Almost Full’, in his tutorial.

A Now Play It spokesman said: “Sir Paul recorded lessons for bass, drums and guitar all inside one hour. He hopes to record further tutorials from his classic back catalogue.”

The downloadable video training service provides 30-minute lessons – explaining chord patterns and drum charts – from music

Source: Monsters and Critics


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  4. Interest post, thx


  5. Alright. He’s cute.

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