BOOK REVIEW: The Beatles: The Press Reports

There are only a handful of Beatle books that really dig into primary source material about the Fab Four.  There are but a few single book titles that really give you a nicely packaged first-hand account of primary source material.  I was surprised to see a sumation of every Beatles press report.  This book provides every press release from the earliest announcement to the very last break-up newspaper clipping.  With all the attention that the media played (and still plays) on the career and legacy of the Fab Four, it’s nice to go back and relive, from A to Z, that relationship that they had with the media machine. 

This book was the perfect title to simply pick-up and flip open.  It’s like throwing a dart at stock charts.  You get these little jems announcing albums, and celebrating these moments in Beatle history that you forget about.  This book is like one of those “on this day in Beatle history books.”  There is one small difference though, this book has some meat behind it.  It is perfect for those of you who know all the minute, details of the Fab Four and their career.  There are items listed in this title that make it more then an essential addition to every Beatle fan’s bookshelf.  As I flipped through this book, it’s nice to see The Beatles’ handlers have more and more fun with the press releases as time went by in their career.  This book is a welcome edition next to Mark Lewison’s Studio Session book, and the new and impressive Recording the Beatles title by the folks over at Curvebender.  The one common theme with all of these books is how they manage to transport you back in time.  I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.  Well done.

Here’s what we’ve read.

“You could say I’ve come to terms with my own nose . . . I have a laugh, and it goes, er, up one nostril and out the other.” — Ringo

They captured the hearts of a generation.  The whole English-speaking world knew the names John, Paul, George and Ringo.  Now you can relive the lives and careers of the Beatles as seen through the popular British music publications of the 1960s.

The Beatles received more media attention than any other rock band in history. This book explores their year-by-year exploits as they grew from a local phenomenon to international superstars.  Included are many personal interviews with the Beatles.  You will see that their vibrant, honest personalities were just as important to us as their music.

“They’re four very different people who get together to form a unit that is virtually impregnable . . . They’re very close indeed.  A lot closer than people think.” — George Martin

From the Cavern Club to their conquest of America, the Beatles were the leading wave of the “British Invasion,” and they set the standards for the music world.  The Beatles: The Press Reports is more than a trip down memory lane; it is the history of the Beatles as witnessed by the insiders of the British press.

Source: CG Publishing


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