VIDEO: Paul McCartney’s Ever Present Past

Well folks, I’m really left here scratching my head.  What the heck is Paul thinking with these videos.  Truly.  I loved the video for dance tonight.  It was fun and cute.  Heck, it even had a little bit of a storyline, granted, it revolved around his freshly delivered madnolin. 

After seeing the video for Nod Your Head a few days ago, and now this video I think Paul should seriously rethink his stance on music videos.  They are nice, but I don’t think this cross between Robert Palmer in an art gallery meets dance-along hits the mark at all.  I’d rather see the dogs nodding their heads personally.  Why not release a storyline-based video for Only Mama Knows, or a Gorillaz-esque video for Mr. Bellamy instead.  That would be much more interesting to me.

Paul McCartney new video: Ever Present Past, from Memory Almost Full.


13 Responses

  1. This video is 10,000 times better than the sophomoric Nod Your Head waste of time.

  2. I totally agree with you!

  3. not Raj, but with the blog owner! ehehe

  4. Lightweight, but inoffensive stuff. You have to admit – for a pensioner, he’s got the moves.

  5. Can’t say I think much of the song. The arrangements seem very 80s, or is that the point?

    The video is… eh. Uninspiring, I guess.

  6. I actually like this music video,
    it makes me want to dance…aha

  7. I think the video is great! Paul is what, 64? He looks & acts like a teenager. As usual, it’s a Beatle who has set the mold for how to stay, look & act young no matter how old we really are. IMHO, anyone who knocks Paul’s music is simply ignorant. of his entire body of work–which is not surprising since millions think American Idol is a treasure trove of talent. If you know what songs Paul has written over the years, you could never deny his genius. The guy has written some of the greatest songs of the 20th Century & he’s still going strong So, OK, he gets a pass as far as I’m concerned on any song that’s not his best…although even Paul’s not the greatest tunes are far better than the best of the crap that’s out there today.

  8. This video is very quirky and subtly funny. The choreography seems to be based on Paul’s own movements over the years. The “boxer” bit, in particular, is funny. A lot of thought went into the choreography…very quirky and fun.

  9. okay.
    this was DEFINITELY not as bad as nod your head.

    when i watched nod your head, i almost cried.

    i though the video was actually kind of good…or tolerable.
    so i pass it.

  10. I actually like it. In fact, I think all three videos so far from MAF are good. The choreography in this video reminds me of the Beatles choreography. This could have easily been in Magical Mystery Tour.

  11. The video is a significant improvement over ‘Nod Your Head’. You’ve gotta love the fact that Paul is still willing to do all of this for his music. We’re really incredibly lucky to have him!

  12. […] Matt added an interesting post on VIDEO: Paul McCartneyâ??s Ever Present Past […]

  13. I think the choreography is amazing, it’s a very unique concept. It is a nod to the Palmer girls, but that is so awesome! The contrast between Paul doing the dance moves, and the girls is very quirky, and visually compelling. I think the choreographer was a genius. I kept rewinding over and over when I saw it on one of my HD channels (palladia). I wish the internet versions were higher quality, because the girls subtle expressions and body movements don’t translate on crappy internet video.

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