Wu-Tang Clan get clearance to use first-ever Beatles sample

Back in August, we reported that Dhani Harrison would be teaming up with rap super group Wu-Tang Clan and release an updated cover of his father’s classic hit, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”  It’s amazing how news can change over the course of a few weeks!  It looks like we will get the first officially sanctioned Beatle-samples with the release of this track.  I guess the Harrison estate and the remaining Beatles gave it the OK, and have decided to allow the use of parts of the track for sampling in this homage to George Harrison and The Beatles.  I mean, with Dhani working with one of his favorite groups, why not, right?  It also looks like the Wu-Tang have pushed back the release date of their album to accomodate for this big release.  The rap supergroup has pushed back the album release to ‘make history’ and I believe they will.

I can hear lots and lots of Beatle purists scratching their head, or pulling out their hair.  We’ll have to see how the sample is used, but I have a sneaking suspicion that George would have approved of the use of his song.  I can’t imagine him not allowing it use.  I’m just surprised to see this kind of announcementin light of all the furvor there was about DJ Dangermouse and his (mis)use of the White Album.  Could this be one of the first indicators that show the our beloved Fab Four are truly entering the 21st century?  It seems so.  Good news. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Rap supergroup push back album release to ‘make history’

Wu Tang Clan have announced that they’ve been given permission to use a sample of a song by The Beatles for the first time ever.

The rap supergroup originally said that they were covering The Beatles’ ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ with George Harrison’s son Dhani Harrison, as previously reported.

Now the band have revealed that they’ve been given permission to use a sample of the song in their cover version.

In a message posted today (October 2) on their website, the band wrote, “Special thanks to Danny [sic] Harrison & Erykah Badu for helping bring this song to life!! Also thanks to The Harrison Estate & The Beatles for helping make this possible!!”

The band also said that they’re pushing back the release date of their new album, ‘8 Diagrams’, from November 13 to December 4 “due to the magnitude of the sample and the History being made.”

Meanwhile, the band have announced several dates and cities of an autumn tour. The exact venues are expected to be announced shortly.

The tour dates are:

Miami, FL TBA (October 20)
Atlanta, GA TBA (21)
North Carolina TBA (22)
Vermont TBA (23)
Connecticut TBA (24)
Baltimore, MD TBA (25)
Boston, MA TBA (26)
New York, NY TBA (27)
New Jersey TBA (28)
Cincinnati, OH TBA (30)
Madison, WI TBA (31)
Detroit, MI TBA (November 1)
Chicago, IL TBA (3)
Milwaukee, WI TBA (4)
Memphis, TN TBA (5)
Oklahoma City, OK TBA (7)
Dallas, TX TBA (8)
Austin, TX TBA (10)
Denver, CO TBA (11)
Phoenix, AZ TBA (14)
Utah TBA (15)
Las Vegas, NV TBA (16)
Los Angeles, CA TBA (17)
San Francisco, CA TBA (18)
Portland, OR TBA (20)
Hawaii TBA (23)

Source: NME


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  1. […] AUDIO: Listen to the Wu-Tang Clan’s new Beatle sampled track “The Heart Gently Weeps” Posted on October 10, 2007 by Matt We have been talking about the Wu-Tang Clan, of all groups, for months now.  As you may or may not know, they have a new Beatle cover tune coming out on their next album.  Not only is it a cover of one of the all-time great Beatle songs, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but it is also the first song to get official Beatle sanctioning to sample some of the Fab Four’s audio.  […]

  2. closed minded much?

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