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VIDEO: Dogs appear in the new McCartney video for “Nod Your Head.”

No, this is not Paul McCartney’s best work.  You have to admit that it’s fun to see him creating again though.  I like Paul’s sillier side, and while banal at least this song is a little bit rocking.

I like seeing him have fun with his compostions though too.  It seems that with the official video for this song, which was released earlier this month, he is doing just that.  It’s a fun romp with a song that nothing but a head bopper.

I am a new owner of a dog myself, and love sneaking in the dog story as well.  Look for those lovely Weimaraners towards the end of the video if you haven’t seen it yet. Fun. 

Paul McCartney – “Nod Your Head” VIDEO

Here’s what we’ve read.

A pair of Maine Weimaraners are getting their 15 minutes of fame. The dogs owned by George and Anna Lyon of Wayne are featured briefly in Sir Paul McCartney’s new music video, “Nod Your Head.”

The video features McCartney and a bunch of models, and the dogs, nodding their heads to his latest tune.

The couple has not been officially notified that her video submission was accepted. But it appears on the video that’s now posted on YouTube.

Anna Lyon, who works at Franklin Savings Bank, says the couple videotaped the dogs nodding their heads on a lark. She says the song isn’t McCartney’s best work, but she was happy to participate. She’s hoping for an autograph.

Source: WLBZ2.com


9 Responses

  1. Whoever is in charge of Macca’s PR or whoever decides which songs to release as singles should be fired immediately! The two most amatureish songs on the whole album (“Nod Your Head” and “Dance Tonight”) chosen as singles??? You’ve got to be kidding me! I guess Shrek is just the venue for Sir Paul then…

  2. Oh man, this is simply awful.

  3. Very Robert Palmerish…

  4. I like the song.

  5. So YOU’RE the one!!!

  6. Is this even news? A dog in a music video?

  7. I think the dog IS the video!

  8. I’m sure everyone would have rather seen a video for House of Wax or Only Mama Knows.

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