AUDIO: Sgt. Pepper multi-track tapes to leak on the radio today.

It looks like some true bootleg gems have been leaking out this week.  Wwe usually do not report on bootleg news, but this is a bit of a big deal. Today, however, several radio stations across the US are playing some of the multi-track tapes from Sgt. Pepper. It seems that a few members in elite trading and collecting circles have found these tapes, and have made different bits of them available to different Beatle radio shows.

I haven’ been able to personally hear all of them, but I’m sure they will surface.  Once we get more links to some audio sources we will post them.  For now we have these links to share with you.

Here are some of the details about some of the tracks that they will be playing.

Track 1:
Pepper. Applause track. Lots of it. Lots of edits.

WALHFMF – Surprising, no applause (the Hollywood Bowl screaming overdub is not here, but that’s on Secret Songs in Pepperland anyway!), but a nice iso of Ringo’s snare and tympani, followed by the bass guitar / tambourine / guitar track.

She’s Leaving Home – String track. A few extra notes here and there along the timeline (across all four tracks) where edits were later made to remove an unwanted bit of Hewson’s score.

A Day In The Life – Piano intro. John’s lead vocal. Count-in (with reverb). Paul’s vocal (complete with count-in, which I’ve never noticed before). John’s reverberated vocal, with lots of other wailing from Paul and George which I’ve never heard before, or which has always been buried in the mix of the released record. Punch in back to the isolated lead vocal. No final chord, on this or any of the other three tracks.

Track 2:
Pepper. Bass note. Engineer: “nine” … Paul’s count-in! This is the backing track, similar to the bootlegged acetate, but even longer at the end, as it goes into a bit of reverb.

WALHFMF – Backing track. Interesting to hear without the “Billy Shears!” backing vocals, or Ringo’s lead. At the very end you can hear George Martin say: “stay there” for some reason.

She’s Leaving Home – String backing track #2.

A Day In The Life – Guitar backing, with tambourine.

Track 3:
Pepper. Engineer says: “running.” Isolated lead vocals.

WALHFMF – Isolated “Billy Shears” (well, with organ accompaniment, really). Isolated lead vocal from Ringo (with backing vocals, except on the final note).

She’s Leaving Home – Isolated lead vocal, including John’s backing vocal.

A Day In The Life – Woah! Harpsichord playing on the intro?! Otherwise, this is the strings channel.

Track 4:
Pepper. Guitar. Horns (including a bunch of bum notes at the end which we’ve never heard).

WALHFMF – Harmonies for “Billy Shears.” Backing vocals, and guitar.

She’s Leaving Home – Harmony vocal from Paul on last line of 1st verse, John and Paul’s backing vocals isolated.

A Day In The Life – Bass guitar and drums only!

Source: The 910 Forum


4 Responses

  1. […] I usually do not post too many news items about bootlegged albums, but you may remember a little something posted a few weeks ago about some internet DJ’s playing multi-track takes from Sgt. […]

  2. This is the best thing to come out in years. You hear so many vocals quirks and sounds that you have never heard before on these tracks. God how I wish we had this available for all of the Beatles tracks.

  3. The recordings come from a safety copy of tracks
    worked on in Feb.Mar 67, previous to having
    been assembled and edited on two master reels.
    The fun is to synchronize them onto a 4-track
    recorder and remix them yourself.

  4. hello it is test. WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats.

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