AUDIO: Phil Spector production “Crying for John Lennon” single with VIDEO interviews and new Lennon film information.

I had read some news a few weeks back that Phil Spector would  be producing and releasing a new track.  Interestingly, the track was also a tribute to John Lennon.  Several people speculated that this may be Phil’s last track, as he was facing some pretty hairy charges.  Well, all that is behind him now, as things have been declared a mistrial, but God is he creepy.

What I did not know, however, was that this track was being used for a new documentary about the lasting legacy of John Lennon.   The upcoming film is titled, Strawberry Fields: Keeping the Spirit of John Lennon Alive.  I hadn’t heard about the film before.

It looks to be quite moving, and filled with what appear to be some excellent interviews.  I hadn’t heard anything else about the content of this film, but it looks to have some new interviews with Phil Spector, as well as some archival interviews with David Peel.  

On the film’s official website there are a plethora of interview clipswith Phil Spector from the movie.  These look to be worth the price of admission alone.  To see the complete list of preview videos, check out their youtube page.  Here are the biggies.

Phil Spector on John Lennon Day

Phil Spector on the assassination of John Lennon

Phil Spector on politics

Phil Spector on the Wall of Sound

Phil Spector on John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Phil Spector on John Lennon’s activism

Phil Spector on being produced by John Lennon

We also know that the folks over at Breakfast with The Beatles have been playing the track throughout the month, and I believe that you can still catch it there if you listen to their show in case our link is not working.  If you haven’t heard their show before, I highly recommend checking it out too.

Here’s what we’ve read.

  • In his first indepth interiew in over thirty years Phil Spector tells stories about “his brother” John Lennon, their love for each other and the wonderful music they produced. Phil also talks of producing All Thing Must Pass and Bangladesh by George Harrison and Let It Be, The Beatles last released album.
  • Over one hundred interviews of fans filmed at the imagine mosaic over the last six years

  • David Peel talks about his friend John Lennon

  • A beautiful new John Lennon tribute song Crying for John Lennon by Hargo Produced by Phil Spector and Graham Ward

  • John Lennon Day by Amos Wengler

The film documents the outpouring of love for John Lennon from the hundreds of thousands of fans from every corner of Earth who visit Strawberry Fields and the Imagine mosaic every year.



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