George Harrison’s Everly Brothers lyrics

I only wish that I could collect high-end Beatle memorabilia.  Luckily, I collect what I can.  Those things that are within my budget that mean something to me.  There are others who have the luxury of a large budget, passion, and time that collect those truly rare items.  Luckily for us a rock and roll collector, Jeff Gold, is happy to share some of his memorabilia items with us on his blog and website

I have been fortunate to actually work with some of Mr. Gold’s items, unbeknowst to him actually.  I have volunteered at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. With my background in library science (yes, folks, I am a librarian) I have had some hands on experience writing descriptions of some of those precious items of rock and roll memorabilia by volunteering at the museum in the curatorial department.  Mr. Gold puts many of his items on loan to the Rock Hall for extended periods of time, and more than a few have come through my hands as they were being prepared at the museum. 

Jeff, thanks for sharing your pieces, in those virtual museum blog posts.  It’s quite nice of you to share.  (I’m not going to post pictures on my blog, just an excerpt from your description.  I wouldn’t want to steal your thunder.)  It looks like those with deeper pockets can purchase many of those rarities on his website

The reason for this posting, though, is to showcase a rock and roll rarity.  It is George Harrison’s pre-Fab Four handwritten lyrics.  No, they are not Beatle lyrics, but they are a young Harrison’s handwritten lyrics to his favorite Everly Brothers songs.  A true rarity indeed.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Everly Brothers were a great influence on the Beatles, and it’s been written that Lennon and McCartney consciously copied the Everlys two-part harmonies on “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me.” Harrison no doubt transcribed these lyrics so he could learn these songs; both were big hits (and would have been written out by George) in the second half of 1960–a particularly important time for the Beatles. They spent August through November 1960 playing in Hamburg at the Indra Club and The Kaiserkeller–for 106 nights !– then returning in December to the Casbah Coffee House in Liverpool (the basement club owned by Pete Best’s mother, Mona.)

Frank Caiazzo, the world’s foremost authority on Beatle handwriting and signatures, has authenticated these, and told me “it’s very likely the Beatles were considering performing these songs live at some point, although it has not been documented that they ever did…This is a very rare and historic piece of Beatles memorabilia, and one of the earliest Harrison lyrics in existence.” Amazingly, George’s father held onto these until the late 1970’s, when he gave them to a young fan who visited him at his house in Appleton, Cheshire, England. I was fortunate to obtain these directly from that fan–these were previously unknown and have never been offered for sale before.

Source: Recordmecca Blog


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