Apple Hosting London Media Event Sept 18th. Could we finally get a Beatle-iTunes announcement? know, I know.  You’ve all heard this before.  The Beatles are coming! The Beatles are coming!  Last week was full of rumor and speculation that The Beatles would make their triumphant debut on iTunes.  It seems that the wait will not take too too long.  We had reported last week that the folk at Apple (the computer folks) hoped that they could come to some kind of terms that would mean that the Fab Four’s catalog would be available in the next 6 months or so.

It looks like things have progressed much quicker than expected.  Possibly we could hear an announcement next week.  We’ll keep you all posted.  I know, we sound like the boy who cried wolf, but I’ve got a feeling that (pardon the pun) that this time it is for real.  We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.  This looks promising.  Maybe too, though, it is just the release of the iPhone in the UK.

NOTE: There will  be no posts on Saturday, as I will be on holiday, but we’ll be back late on Sunday evening.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Apple is hosting a special media event at its Regent Street store on Tuesday, September 18. The event will be held at 10AM London time, and the invitation includes the teaser “Mum is no longer the word,” according to MacFormat.

While the teaser is also most likely a hint as to what Apple will announce at the event, it doesn’t offer anything specific. Speculation has already begun that Apple is announcing the U.K. carrier for the iPhone or that the iTunes Store will begin offering The Beatles music library for download.

The event is invitation only, so don’t bother showing up without one in hand. Until the media presentation begins and the journalists on hand can begin reporting on the announcements, “mum” will still be the word for everyone else waiting outside.

Source: Mac Observer


5 Responses

  1. You know, I’ve come to think announcing Itunes availability before announcing the remastering effort is a BIG mistake. EMI/Apple Corps should focus on the new, sonically upgraded catalog (“The Beatles as you’ve never heard them before!”) with online sales as sort of an “Oh yeah — and you can get it on Itunes as well as traditional CDs/DVDs” thing. Ultimately, remastering is the bigger story and The Beatles will be missing a huge marketing opportunity if they sell themselves short, letting Jobs and Apple, Inc get all the glory.

  2. Your crying wolf again me thinks ;). I doubt when Steve Jobs said that a deal could happen in the next 6 months that things would be sorted out in a couple of weeks. I dont care for the downloads but am interested in them as the remastered CD’s should following soon after. Judging by the work put into the deluxe packaging of the Help DVD it appears that Jeff Jones is having a positive effect and i am quitely confident that the remastered cds will be brilliant in content, sound and packaging. Rumour ive read on the Steve hoffman forum is that we may see the Let it be Movie in december. Im not anticipating remasters until next year.

  3. Remixing/remastering is THE priority right now, and I can’t believe that EMI/Apple Corps haven’t done it already. The greatest band of the twentieth century, and we STILL have to put up with releases that are GREAT but so much less good than they could be if Giles and George Martin got an opportunity to put right the years of neglect.

    Fuck iTunes – just buy the CDs and rip the track for yourself at a decent bitrate (i.e. not 192kbps) and avoid the tyranny of DRM, which is an insult.

    I would NEVER buy a track from iTunes because of DRM – instead I’d buy the CD and rip the tracks myself. DRM is a rip-off an an insult. Long live the Beatles!

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