Ono to unveil Lennon peace tower

Yoko is still a busy woman.  After releasing two albums this year, joining the Beatle-clan on Larry King, a rare live performance at the Pitchfork festival and even hosting a retrospective art exhibit for peace (more on this on Monday, we just attended, stay tuned) it seems that Yoko Ono still has time to work on other large projects.  Not only is she still utilizing her art to promote the cause of world peace, but she is also honoring the work and life of her late husband through her art as well.  We know that this installation is something that John and Yoko discussed way back in the 1960s.

I think John, who we know had a notoriously low attention span, would still be working for the peace movement today if he were with us.  I think he would be proud of Yoko’s work as well.  The art installation sounds like an innovative use of nature, art, and technology to promote a wonderful cause.  It will be unveiled on John’s birthday. 

I think he would be pleased by that.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The widow of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, is to unveil a peace tower dedicated to the late Beatle in Iceland on what would have been his 67th birthday.

The light tower, engraved with “imagine peace” in 24 languages, will go on display in Reykjavik on 9 October.

 The musician predicted 40 years ago that the tower, which is designed by Ono, would eventually become a reality.

Some 100,000 wishes from people around the world will be placed in capsules and buried around the installation.

“I consider myself very fortunate to see the dream my husband and I dreamt together become reality,” said Ono.

She added that she chose Iceland for the site of the tower because “it is a very unique, eco-friendly country”.

“Like-minded friends from all over the world” have been invited to join the 73-year-old for the unveiling ceremony next month.

Source: BBC


7 Responses

  1. this is going to be beautiful.

  2. I live in Reykjavik and I saw the tower of light when they were trying it out a few weeks ago. It’s a very interesting sight.

  3. How many people live in Iceland? Are they a peaceful people? I’d have built the tower at the site of the Twin Towers 9/11 attack. There was a lot of hate at that place 6 years ago and it could use some peace. Just a thought from outside the land of theory.

  4. We Icelanders are roughly 300.000. It’s a very peaceful nation.

    I think the idea is that the peace tower should glow from a land of peace like Iceland but not from a land of war and violence like the U.S.

  5. Maybe you could get the Muslim extremist leadership in the Middle East to take a field trip to the tower. Maybe the glow from the tower will reach that part of the world? Listen, we rolled over after Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers the first time in ’94. We played the “passive peace” game for a decade while ships and embassies were attacked and all it got us were 3,000 dead citizens in 2001. What would you suggest we do when groups like Al Qaeda and rogue nations continue to threaten our existence after what happened on 9/11?

  6. Raj,
    Who’s we? Do you mean the we (neo-colonialists)that attempts to Democratize any land/country that would have financial benefit to the corporations based in the U.S.A.? I would suggest that criminals in groups like Al Qaeda be eliminated. Tap into your peaceful side Raj. That was Johns message. That is what this tower is about. Peace and kindness as well as war and hate begins in you. Your choice. My choice.

  7. in italy, we live in peace. the u.s. tries to war with some everyone, i know. peace in usa, peace in usa, peace in usa. you need the peace, take it from me.

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