Corgi gets The Beatles

There’s a few good things about being a Beatle fan.  Yes, of course there is the music.  There’s wonderful memories made as a fan of The Fabs.  There’s collectible magazines.  There’s the personalities.  You guys wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t share in that joy.  The beauty of being a Beatle fan is that you can come at them from several different directions.

You can be an audiofile and get into all of the variations and pristine copies and such.  You can collect books and read every bit of information on your favorite aspects of the group.  Maybe you are a bootleg fanatic like I am.  You know the kind.  You have to own every snippet of studio chatter and every take of every song.  Then there’s the memorabilia and all the toys and hoopla around the group.  Some of these collecible toys and figurines are a little out of my personal price range.  You see, though, that’s the beauty of loving the Beatles and being a collector.  There is always something to horde away and show to your other music friends no matter where your collectible passions lie. 

It looks like there may be another roung of Corgi-Beatle collectibles coming our way in a few years.  It looks like they are continuing the tradition of creating some sought after Beatle collectibles. 

  • What’s your favorite Beatle item to collect?
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(Thanks to Chris for sending us this link.)

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Corgi International Limited (Nasdaq GM:CRGI) today announced that it had entered into a Licensing agreement on a multi year deal for a range of Beatles and Yellow Submarine Die Cast Collectables. Through to 2010

This worldwide agreement will allow Corgi International to do territory specific programs utilizing iconic Beatles imagery on a range of die cast collectibles at different scales.

 Corgi International CEO Michael Cookson commented, “Corgi as a company has had a long association with the Beatles having produced the original Yellow Submarine die cast in the 1960’s and it was a priority for the company to re-initiate a program with Apple Corps/Suba Films for an innovative range of product, that people will once again enjoy purchasing. With the 40th Anniversary of Sgt Peppers, it was a perfect time for the deal to have been agreed, and we are truly excited to be partners again.”

Source: Action-Figure 


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  1. I still have one of the original Yellow submarines as pictured. I’m amazed that as a child I never dismantled it nor prised any of the characters from the pop up hatches. Even the propellor still rotates. Of course I never imagined that the box would have any value, so I never kept it.

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