Yoko Ono: The Six-Pack Q&A

It looks like Rolling Stone is helping to churn up the Yoko Ono PR machine a little bit.  It’s hard to tell  why she’s being asked six interview questions at Rolling Stone.  Usually she doesn’t make an appearance unless she’s selling something (John Lennon catalog on iTunes, new album) or has some kind of art piece or event going on.

I am always happy to post any kind of interview questions with any member of the Beatle inner-circle, but these questions are kind of bland and banal.   You’d think that Rolling Stone’s staff would come up with something a little more original than the question, “Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever met?”  Jesus Christ, she was married to him. Married to John Lennon.  I think that answer would be a little more self-evident.  C’mon now. 

I hadn’t really thought about the 6 questions that I would ask Yoko Ono if I had the chance to meet her or interview her, but I would hope that I could come up with something a little better than this.

  • What questions would you ask Yoko given the chance?  Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Rolling Stone asked artist/musician/legend Yoko Ono six questions. She gushed about John and Sean Lennon, announced she has no intentions to retire and told us the real reason the former Beatle’s solo catalog made it to iTunes.

What’s the most rock star thing about you?
The fact that I am still young and active – which is what rock stars are supposed to be.

Who’s the coolest person you’ve ever met?
The coolest person, well of course I think of John. Predictable – you don’t want an answer like that, do you? But I think it is John. When he first came into the gallery, that was the first time I met him. He was very cool and elegant, everything you want from a guy.

What’s on your current playlist?
I’m very sorry to say this because you’ll think that I’m bragging, but [Sean Lennon’s] Friendly Fire is an incredible album. The song that’s called “Tomorrow,” oh God it makes me cry each time I hear it. I’m a very proud person as a mother and I would not say something like that unless it’s real, but he is really amazing. And it drives me to tears which is amazing. I’m not telling him too much about it. I don’t see him so much – he’s on tour.

What was your favorite album when you were fourteen?
I think I was still struggling with where to stay and what to eat [at that age]. Favorite bands … well you know, in those days I was into classical music, Chopin.

When will you know it’s time to retire?
The word retirement is not in my dictionary.

What was your part in getting the John Lennon solo catalog onto iTunes?
I’m the whole part actually. Isn’t it great? Everybody’s getting to feel good about it. John always liked doing something new.

Source: Rolling Stone


5 Responses

  1. I completely agree. Rolling Stone has definitely slacked off in the past few years… This interview just tops it off! “What is the most rock star thing about you?” That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard.

  2. I am a Beatles fan, but more a John Lennon fan. I have read a lot about the Beatles and him. Actually the period in John´s life that i want to learn more is his last days or better HIS LAST DAY.

    I want to ask Yoko, how was John doing that day, how he wake up in the morning, and looking back right now, does she believes that John have a premonition of his premature and violent death?

    Sorry for my english.

  3. Did Larry King write those questions?

  4. uhh i agree with claire: “what is the most rock star thing about you?”
    what the hell? that’s so stupid.

  5. we get the magazine in italy, but it’s not worth the paying for. patti is my beatle girl, lol

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