Beatles, Paul & Ringo to be at Wednesday’s Apple iPod event. More rumors.

Those Apple/iPod rumors are flying all around.  We had posted last week that there was a rumored event/announcement that Apple would roll out new touch-screen iPods and possibly make an announcement regarding the debut of The Beatles on iTunes.  Not to stoke the rumor fire even more, but it looks like rumors are circulating.

Paul and Ringo are now rumored to make an appearance at this iPod love fest on Wednesday.  So far, this rumor is unsubstantiated, but it is promising.  Hopefully we will hear more info.  Hold tight until Wednesday.  I’ve got a feeling that we will hear  something official this week. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

 Leo Laporte of is backing up a rumor that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be at Apple’s Event this coming Wednesday to announce new iPods.

Leo said during a break in his Saturday Radio Show ” I believe Paul and Ringo will be at the Apple Event”. The event announcements are a secret as always, but it is most likely that they are going to announce all new iPods and iPod Nanos as well as Beatles Music coming to iTunes.

Stay Tuned.

Source: iPhone Bookstore


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  1. seeing them together again, is always a treat.

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