Director confirms new Lennon biopic.

Is the world ready for a new film about John Lennon?  Not to answer my own question, but I guess it is ready.  Movies dealing with The Beatles, and individual members of the Fab Four have not always fared well at the box office or at the hands of the critics.  It looks like this film, though might mine some unchartered territory for a Beatle-themed movie. Maybe it will be a Lennon prequel of sorts to my favorite Beatle film Backbeat.  It at least looks to be promising and interesting.

There have been some true dogs of Beatle films.  Who could forget those loveable bombs.  You know the ones.  The Bee Gee’s Sgpt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.  The supposed afternoon in the life of Lennon and McCartney, Two of Us.  These are but a few of those critical flops that have made the screen.

What are your favorite Beatle-inspired films, and which of those Beatle-themed films deserve to never be shown again.  Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

The film is called Lennon and details John’s adolescent years, pre-Beatlemania.

Film director Matt Greenhalgh has confirmed that a documentary featuring the early years of late Beatle John Lennon’s life is being made.

The film has been titled Lennon, and it will talk about the time when The Beatles were not a famous band, he says.

“The film is called Lennon and details John’s adolescent years, pre-Beatlemania,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

Greenhalgh also revealed that he bagged the project after the producers of Lennon watched his latest film Control, which features the personal, professional and romantic troubles that led Joy Division singer Ian Curtis to commit suicide at the age of 23.

“It came to me off the back of Control – the producers of Lennon saw Control, and then asked me if I’d consider doing the script for them. It wasn’t a particularly hard decision for me to say yes,” he said.

The director is well known for working on a number of UK TV series including Burn It, Cold Feet, Hollyoaks and Queer as Folk. He was nominated for Best New Writer Bafta TV Award for his work on the scripts of BBC drama Clocking Off.

Source:  Times of India


4 Responses

  1. matt- i LOVE “the two of us”! it’s merely a fan’s dream, and i look at it like that; and i have watched it countless times…..i agree that the best beatles movie is “backbeat”, but i also thought that the made for t.v. movie, “in his life”, about the childhood of john, is pretty good. i loved seeing the strawberry field gate and eleanor rigby’s actual grave; they used the real locations, which was great. not much comes close to the “anthology”, but then that’s real, so real…..

  2. Oh my God… I can’t wait! I would love to see a full biopic of his life… and my dream casting would be Johnny Depp. Still, this is great news.

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