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VIDEO: Dhani Harrison and Liam Lynch – We’re All Stars

It looks like Dhani Harrison is having some fun on youtube with some friends and performing some new music.  God, it’s almost creepy how much he looks and sounds like his dad.  This track sounds like a Wilbury tune too.  Kind of a light pop tune, and you can tell he’s just having some fun making quality rock with is friends. Not bad at all.

Maybe we’ll see a Dhani Harrison album someitme in the future.  If we hear anything we’ll keep you posted.

Dhani Harrison and Liam Lynch – We’re All Stars


7 Responses

  1. liam lynch’s ep 02 with guest star ringo is pretty funny, too!

  2. Well done guys,good lyrics,an melody….Gotta a song for ya if you think ya’d be interested, its one i wrote years ago called Kissin,its a rocker kinda like Pauls run devel run…. any ways really liked the song an vid..keep up the good work,and wish to here more,later gator,keep it real,keepit on,and by almeans keep it hard,till again spin it out,e-me,forget about gravity,it’ll only keep ya down

  3. great ,really out of yer,keep it real keep it on,and always keep it hard,gotta song ya might be interested in..arocker called Kissin..sweet georgia brown ya didnt have ta be a round and everything was put to tune we were kissin,kissin by the apple trees….Ya got what it takes……Maybe a something alittle more produced in lines of creative looping sound effects,ya know bazzzzarrrrrrrrre gizmaks,TKN see ya later gator

  4. Yeeeeehhh!!! What a wonderful song….it sounds a bit like a Wilbury/Tom Petty tune….I really love it!!!!

  5. Got chills seeing how much Dhani looks like pop!!! (a bit creepy) George, you live on in our hearts forever!!!

  6. thenewno2 [Dhani’s band] album is almost done. 😀 So Dhani says 😉

  7. I’ve only heard this and “Choose what you watch” off Dhani’s newno2 web site. I love what I hear so far, and I’m exited about the new CD. It’s raw, fresh and original…and you can hear several decades of musical influences here. Good work guys. Don’t stop.

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