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Yoko Ono doesn’t think hybrid cars are luxurious enough.

This news is just simply bizarre.  I can’t imagine Yoko even driving.  I wonder when the last time that Yoko even drove a car.  I just can’t picture it, you know.  How much time does she really spend in cars in New York City?  I could understand her needing a hybrid if she drove long distances to work, but isn’t her office in her apartment?

Besides, if she had to go a long distance, wouldn’t she just fly?  I just don’t see Yoko in the market for a car.  I know this article is simply Yoko’s way of caring for the environment, being socially conscious, AND being stylish.  I just like having a little fun with it though.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono doesn’t think hybrid cars are luxurious enough.

Ono, the widow of Beatles legend John Lennon, is willing to do her bit for the environment but wishes eco-friendly cars were more comfortable.

She said: “Can someone make hybrid cars as comfortable as a Bentley please?”

The singer – who has just released a new solo album called ‘Yes, I’m a Witch’ – also revealed she expects a clean bill of health from any man she plans to sleep with.

Ono said: “Before I go to bed with a man I’d ask him to show me a recent doctor’s certificate, his mother’s permission in writing and to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

Earlier this year, the 74-year-old urged people to use more curry powder because she believes it can help prevent mental illness.

She explained: “Curry powder is very good for the brain cells. Think of all the Indian people you know who have Alzheimer’s, then you’ll see what I mean.”

Source: Monsters and Critics


6 Responses

  1. wow, about the whole sleeping with a man…permission from his mother?

  2. Alex: I think it’s a joke.

  3. i was reading that hybrid cars refuse to play yoko’s music in them untill she learns to sing. is curry as good as weed? my mom still won’t let me date till i’m potty trained.

  4. A little more curry powder for Ono… 🙂

  5. Yoko ono – The beatles-Jhon Lenon …. that is three name with one story.
    everybodu yoko ono one big artist before she had relation with Jhon lennon., and she really care about o world. if we ever heard the they song we must know about that.
    i hope with this hybrid vehicle can be number one vehicle especially for unban

  6. i always aim for eco friendly stuffs because i want to help mother earth.^

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