Ja Rules to include Beatles tune on next album

I guess the Wu-Tang is the only clan in the rap world paying homage to our beloved Beatles. (You like the word play?….I know we’ll keep it to a minimum.)  It seems that denizens of the rap world are taking notice of the Fab Four and covering their works or are writing works inspired by them.  It looks like Ja Rule is getting in on the Fab Four insipration game as well.

It’s not hard to fathom the Beatles inspiring a completely different genre of music so far removed from the rock and roll ooze that The Beatles were formed.   They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and I would agree.  I just didn’t see it coming from the world of rap music.  We’ll have to see what the results sounds like in the near future.  I guess good music is simply good music even to rapper…

Maybe DJ DangerMouse was onto something when he remashed the Fabs on the now notorious Grey Album?

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Recorded in New York, Mirror (which comes out this November), features guests like Lil Wayne, who pops up on the first single, “Uh Ohhh,” and the Game, who appears on “Sunset.” “I don’t think people were expecting that,” says Rule of Game’s involvement. “But we got a hot record on the album.” And believe it or not, like the Wu-Tang Clan, who have a “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”-inspired track on their upcoming 8 Diagrams, Mirror features “Father Forgive Me,” an update of Revolver’s “Eleanor Rigby.” “Hopefully I make the Beatles proud,” says Rule. “Big shout out to Paul McCartney and the whole gang, Ringo and everybody!”

Rule titled his album Mirror to echo its introspective nature (his second choice was Pain Is Love). “This record is like my confessions, I’m shedding my skins,” explains Rule, who says the album cover is an actual mirror. “The mirror is your only real moment of truth. It’s the place where everybody can go and be honest with themselves.” But despite the title’s deep message, the MC stresses the light and fun “poppin’ some bottles” attitude of the album overall. “Somebody’s got to come in and make it positive,” says Rule. “You have to make records that make people feel like having a good time.” Here’s what we’ve read.

Source: Rolling Stone


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