McCartney ICA EP to appear on iTunes today.

Rolling Stone has announced that a new live Paul McCartney EP will be available for purchase via iTunes today.  If you haven’t downloaded it, what are you waiting for.  Fire up your iTunes music store and get listening.

Live At The ICA Festival! The 6 track live EP includes four new tracks taken from Paul’s current album Memory Almost full, plus two classic McCartney cuts in ‘Coming Up’ and ‘Jet’. The tracks were recorded at Paul’s July 5th show iTunes Festival in London.

Does the world really need another live Paul McCartney release.  Some may say “no” but I like to think that we do especially given the fact that my new favorite slow burning McCartney track “House of Wax” is included on this release.

Live At The ICA Festival’ EP
1. Coming Up
2. Only Mama Knows
3. That Was Me
4. Jet
5. Nod Your Head
6. House of Wax

  • Click here for the US iTunes store
  • Click here for the UK iTunes store

Here’s what we’ve read.

Though the Beatles have yet to release their catalog on iTunes, Paul McCartney will continue to distribute his solo work digitally through the store later this month.

On August 21, McCartney will release Live at the ICA Festival, a six-song EP taken from his performance at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in the U.K. during last month’s iTunes festival.

Source: Rolling Stone


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  1. Do you know anything about the rumor about a 1967 Beatle tune called ‘Carnival of Light’? I am reading here and there that it will be released soon.

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