I have two collecting passions when it comes to the Beatles.  I collect the bootleg albums, and I also like to collect books about the Fab Four. I can afford the books.  Maybe one day I’ll switch my collecting passion to something a little more scarce, such authentic 1960’s memorabilia, but for now that’s what I can afford.  Maybe too, I love the books because of what I do for a living.  I am afterall a librairan.

We have come across a new Beatle book that is nothing short of fun.  I truthfully haven’t had this much fun with a Beatle book in a really long time.  Maybe it is because we, as fans, have read so so much about them.  Frequently, we see the same facts regurgitated about our beloved Beatles.  Often these Beatle trivia books are just recitation of stuff we already know.  Their rise to fame, and all of the details have become gospel to fans, however, authors Stuart Shea and Robert Rodriguez have managed to make the, often already known, facts behind the Fab Four new again.

This title is a very nice read to simply pick up periodically and put down again.  Truthfully, I have taken it on short trips, and it is quite easy, due to the layout of the book, to simply pick up and scan over and take-in those facts in small gulps.  It’s not a reference type book ala a Mark Lewisohn book.  It is also not a narrative style history of the Fabs.  I was expecting a simple trivia book chock full of facts that we already have seen repeated over and over in previous books.  This book was not the case.  It is a little bt deeper than simply a Beatle trivia book.

I was especially impressed with a few specific chapters. The chapter, “It’s a Clean Machine,” provides us with interesting descriptions about the Beatle instruments wihtout being too technical, yet with enough information to simply not be filler.  The chapter, “Oh Rock on, Anybody!,” provides descriptions of ten Beatle recordings that feature musical role switching (e.g. Paul on lead guitar, John on solos, etc.) Nearly half of the book also deals with Beatle friends and acquaintances.  It is a nice addition to the Beatle book canon. 

This title falls somewehere in between reference and trivia.  It is well-researched and fun, without being completely trivial.  A fine addition to your bulging Beatle bookshelves. 

  • You can purchase the book from amazon online. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Book description: 40 years after the release of the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles continue to captivate music fans of all ages. There’s something always more to discuss about the Fab Four. What were their greatest live performances? Their worst moments? Stories still unknown by most music fans, trends still unseen, history still uninterpreted are all revealed in Fab Four FAQ. Pop culture authors Stuart Shea and Rob Rodriguez provide must-know fan trivia and offer obscure Beatles facts and stories in an easy-to-read, provocative format that will start as many arguments as will end them. With more than sixty chapters of stories, history, observation, and opinion, Fab Four FAQ lays bare the whys and wherefores that made the Beatles so great, giving credit where credit is due and maybe bursting some bubbles along the way.

Source: Hal Leonard


2 Responses

  1. This is a cool book! Just arrived from Amazon and I can’t put it down. Each time, I try, I sneak a peek at one more exciting fact. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

  2. I like this book! I have read most of it and have come across an omitted sentence. At the end of the chapter discussing Jones from the Rolling Stones death, they part of what is speculated due to the stolen items from his home in the hours after his death is missing what the author saw as the obvious reason yet the words are missing and the period is half way down the page showing that what had been there is not.
    WHY? What do the missing words spell out?

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