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Wu-Tang Clan and Dhani Harrison to cover Beatle song together.

It’s funny how coincidences work, really.  I haven’t thought about the Wu-Tang Clan in years.  This past week my brother has been in town.  He is a school teacher living in Brooklyn NY, and it is rare to see him home for any lengthy period of time.  We were talking about Daddy, the Pitbull from the Dog Whisperer, and how he was previously owned by the rapper Redman.  Anyway, I digress.  Our conversation progressed and we both mentioned that we truly miss the insane stylings on the Wu-Tang Clan. 


My brother was surprised to know that back in high school that I had seen them in concert.  Maybe he’ll be even more surppised to find out that they are covering what I like to think of as one of The Beatle’s signature tunes. The fact that Dhani Harrison is going to play on the track is simply the icing on the “coolness” cake.  

Here’s what we’ve read.

Turns out the biggest Beatles news today isn’t the John Lennon catalog going digital. It’s the latest tidbit from the ever lively camp Wu.

As the RZA revealed in a recent conversation with Rolling Stone, the Wu-Tang Clan will tackle a freakin’ Beatles tune on their forthcoming longplayer, 8 Diagrams. And not just any Beatles tune– “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, which, last time I checked, doesn’t exactly bring the motherfuckin’ ruckus.

Still, lest you think this some idle flight of Wu fancy, the Clan have stepped their game up, enlisting none other than Dhani Harrison– the 29-year-old son of “Guitar”‘s late scribe, George Harrison– to play acoustic on the track.

Source: Huffington Post


6 Responses

  1. While my guitar rolls over in its grave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. wow.. this stunned me, i could not imagine a better pairing. ghostface n method rapping too, and john frucsciante from red hot chili peppers. gonna be some craziness that music needs right now. hari krishna hari krishna hari hari krishna

  4. That’ll be cool for Dhani. I hear he loves Wu Tang.

  5. […] to use first-ever Beatles sample Posted on October 3, 2007 by Matt Back in August, we reported that Dhani Harrison would be teaming up with rap super group Wu-Tang Clan and release an updated […]

  6. well done wu fucking tang.
    it just goes to show, EVERYONE has been influenced by The Beatles in one way or another.

    Today is October 9th.
    Guess who’s birthday it is?

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