London Eye to be renamed McCartney Eye?

WOW!  Those boys and girls in the McCartney PR camp are truly thinking large aren’t they.  I remember hearing rumors about a McCartney video anthology coming out this fall, but the rumors had really subsided.  It looks like they are stoking the fires for quite the large marketing campaign for a McCartney-palooza.

I like to see Paul thinking large.  His marketing people seem to have free reign to think up whatever they wish.  It’s kind of cool to see unfold.  I am totally excited about the impending release of the McCartney Years DVD.  Maybe they’ll bundle it with the Wingspan DVD.  That would be cool too.

Seeing paul take over the London Eye would be quite cool.  Maybe he’ll just buy it and rename it meyesight.  Paul has been a very very busy bee this year.  Next year, with rumors of Beatle remasters, and a tour look to be just a busy as well.  We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge about all of the projects.

Here’s what we’ve read.

He’s spent most of his life in the public eye but Sir Paul McCartney now has his sights set on something truly revolutionary.

Because we can exclusively reveal that the London Eye could be renamed the McCartney Eye.

No, wheelly!

Advertisement Macca’s camp want to sensationally rename the landmark to coincide with the release of The McCartney Years DVD in November. The much-hyped three-disc DVD will be an anthology spanning Macca’s vast musical career.

Serious talks are now taking place between Macca’s people and the Eye about a one-off collaboration.

Says our impeccable source: “The whole idea came together after a series of meetings in Macca HQ.

“The artwork for the DVD cover is a stylised close-up of Sir Paul’s eye – and that got the team thinking.

“It occurred to them that the other most famous eye in the world was, of course, the London Eye and they immediately tried to work together.” It’s understood that as well as renaming the Eye for a one-off period, the DVD artwork could also be beamed on to the attraction.

We reckon tourists would flock to see Macca’s 65-year-old eye projected on to the wheel – as it will probably be the only time the London Eye will have bags under it. (Only joshing Macca!)

Our source added: “If it goes ahead, it will be a massive boost for Macca to be associated with one of the most well-known attractions in London. “It’s ambitious but his people are determined to make it happen and Sir Paul may even perform a one-off show in one of the pods to make it even more special.”

Well, he was no stranger to getting high when he was a Beatle. At least this time it’ll all be legal.

It would certainly be one of the more unusual venues he has played in.

Standing 443ft tall above the South Bank, it has views to die for – and is Britain’s most popular visitor attraction with 3.5 million people going on it every year. Our source adds: “Macca loves London and to be the face and name of the Eye – albeit just for a short time – would be a massive honour that he would cherish.”

The DVD promises to be one of the most comprehensive collections of music and recordings ever compiled – and all digitally remastered.

There’s already a massive buzz surrounding it, with thousands of fans ordering their copies already.

In fact, sales are expected to be very eye indeed.


Lucy In The Eye With Diamonds

When I’m 64 Feet Up

Eye Want To Hold Your Hand

Strawberry Wheels Forever

Eye Am The Wheelrus

Source: UK MIrror


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