When The Beatles were mobbed by Brit diplomats

It’s hard for me to replay the phenomenon known as Beatlemania in my head.  I wasn’t alive when Beatlemania hit.  Sadly, I missed all of the hullabaloo.  Long gone are the days that rock musicians, save U2 and occasionally The Rolling Stones, host a press conference for any real reason.  It’s kind of hard to imagine really.  I mean, think about it.  John Mayer, or someone like him, is going to hold a press conference to talk about life touring with his band.  It’s truly absurd when you really think about it.

In hindsight it’s truly amazing to think about the grip that our fabled Beatle four had on the world.  The were toasted, and apparently nearly attacked by diginitaries at the British embassy.  Imagine that happening today.  It’s hard to picture.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Legendary rock group The Beatles were mobbed by diplomats at the British embassy in Washington, when they visited the place for a charity ball, newly released government files have revealed.

It seems that the office attempted to keep the incident under wraps.

The fabulous four were invited by then-ambassador Baron Harlech and his wife Lady Sylvia Ormsby-Gore.

The crowd consisting of young foreign officials were so enthralled by the band’s presence that one of them even pulled at drummer Ringo Starr’s lock, reports the Daily Express.

“A rugby scrum of young Foreign Office officials’ pushed and pulled frontman John Lennon,” Contactmusic quoted the paper, as stating.

George Harrison was pushed to one corner by over-enthusiastic fans.

Later, Ormsby-Gore rendered an apology to the group for the incident.

“I really am terribly sorry about the scene in the ballroom,” Contactmusic quoted Ormsby-Gore, as writing.

Source: Daily India


2 Responses

  1. mmmmm
    if only i could have lived when beatlemania hit.


  2. Well gee, the documents are hardly “newly revealed” and this story is 43+ years old! As for Ringo’s hair pulling…a lock was actually snipped off, but that was done by an American teenager who’d managed to crash the party.

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