How Eric Clapton’s ex got her revenge – with a little help from George Harrison

It looks like Pattie Boyd’s new book is stirring all kinds of waters for the our beloved George Harrison.  It seems kind of sad that George’s name has to go through all of the tabloid talk.  I was surprised and stunned with this article.  I know it’s very sensational and hard to believe, but it looks like the ladies in George Harrison’s past are coming out of the woodwork to tell their side of the story.

I was utterly surprised with this story.  While reading, though, I simply just kept thinking of Olivia.  How would she respond to all of this?  My gut reaction is that Olivia would respond in her usual manner.  Nothing short of grace and aplomb from Mrs. Harrison.  I can picture her simply not responding to these allegations of adultry and simply refusing to play the game.  I just hope that with the release of Pattie’s book, George’s good name is not done harm.  I know there were some wild and crazy times, and we all have some transgressions, but I hope there is no permanent damage done. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Pattie Boyd’s autobiography revealed how she left George Harrison for Eric Clapton. Now Clapton’s ex Lory Del Santo tells for the first time how she and Harrison got their own back…with a three-day affair of their own.

Model Lory Del Santo has told how she had an affair with George Harrison – so they could both get revenge on her womanising partner Eric Clapton.

She says they secretly got together in Hiroshima, Japan, in December 1991, when Harrison and Clapton were playing on tour together, and spent three passionate days behind locked doors in Harrison’s luxury suite at the Sun Plaza Hotel.

Lory describes it as an act of ‘sweet revenge’, because Clapton famously ‘stole’ Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd just four years after the Beatle married her in the Sixties.

The Italian-born model turned TV presenter says she also wanted revenge because Clapton had effectively ‘frozen her out’ after the tragic death of their four-year-old son Conor.

Pattie’s amazing story of how Clapton seduced her was revealed last week in her autobiography, which is being serialised in The Mail on Sunday.

The rock legend was so obsessed with her that he openly told Harrison “I have to tell you, man, I’m in love with your wife”, then went on to steal her, having written the classic song Layla in her honour.

Now, in an astonishing twist, Lory has described how Harrison got his revenge – by inviting her to his suite behind Clapton’s back. It was a bittersweet time for both of them – both had suffered at the hands of Clapton.

Harrison had lost Pattie, while Lory was having to deal with her son’s death alone, because Clapton refused to talk about it.

In an interview with acclaimed journalist Daphne Barak, to be screened on American TV later this month, Lory says: “It was amazing…we had so much to talk about. I will never forget that time. The memory of those three days are still with me.”

Harrison was still smarting from Clapton’s shameless pursuit of his wife, and took the opportunity to question Lory about the rock star’s womanising ways.

As the couple relaxed in Harrison’s suite, they discussed the devastating effect Clapton had on both their lives.

Lory, 46, says: “It was so private …so special. He asked a lot of questions about Eric. He needed to. And I needed to talk…He was so sweet. He was very caring. It was not all about sex.”

Later Harrison arranged for the hotel’s Olympic-sized swimming pool to be closed off so the pair could have it to themselves. “In the pool, he was so sweet. He kept massaging my feet,” says Lory.

The tryst happened three months after little Conor fell to his death from the window of the couple’s 53rd-floor apartment in New York, when Lory’s back was turned for just a few seconds. The tragedy ripped the couple apart and they separated shortly afterwards.

Lory says: “With Eric, I couldn’t talk. He was always very distant, even worse after Conor’s [death]. I was not sleeping with Eric at that time.”

Asked by Ms Barak – whose recent interviews have included Hillary Clinton, Adnan Khashoggi and Robert Mugabe – if the love tryst was ‘payback’ for Clapton stealing Harrison’s wife, Lory says: “It could have started as a payback day.

“He probably had revenge in his mind, but so did I. We were both hurt, angry with Eric. But what might have started as revenge became so special.

“I realised, ‘Wow! George Harrison really likes me… And I like him a lot! He was a very quiet person. He cared whether I ate, he let me talk. He cared about what I had to say. Time just flew by.

“It probably started because we both wanted revenge. We were hurting. We had this loneliness. But it turned out to be something special.”

Clapton never found out about the liaison. “It is not that George and I were hiding,” says Lory. “But we spent a lot of time in his suite upstairs. We wanted to have a private time. So both George and I got even [with Eric]. I didn’t want to tell Eric or talk about it. I didn’t want to ruin the moment.”

The couple parted with Harrison bidding a romantic farewell. Lory reveals: “He did everything to perfection. No gifts. He called me and he said, ‘I hope to see you.’

“But I knew we would never see each other. I am sure he knew… He told me, ‘You are so sweet. I can’t believe a man would never want to be with you for ever.'”

Asked by Ms Barak if she regretted it, Lory replies: “Sometimes, but there in Hiroshima, that was a perfect moment for us.”

Lory was born into a strict Roman Catholic family. Her father died young and her mother worked long hours to make ends meet.

But Lory had ambitions and pursued a dual career of modelling and TV presenting. She is still a presenter on Italian TV, runs a gym and lets apartments in Milan.

One of her former boyfriends is Adnan Khashoggi and she has a 13-year-old son Devin, by Milan businessman Silvio Sardi, from whom she is now separated.

Source:  UK Mail


25 Responses

  1. I was thinking about Olivia too.. I read this on the Daily Mail website, and there was no mention of Olivia, not even in the reader’s comments.

  2. As I read the article, I, too, thought about Olivia. I also thought about Dhani. Taken individually, I’m not surprised that the article failed to mention Olivia or Dhani. The article focused on the revenge angle, with an anti-Clapton bent. Here, Eric was the distant womanizer who hurt two important people in his life. George came off as warm but still wounded. Mentioning Olivia and Dhani calls that image into question, placing George in the same womanizing league as Eric.

    Taken with the articles that focused on Patti Boyd’s life, no one looks good. It’s sad in that all this dirty laundry is being aired now, especially since George is no longer here. In short, he’s defenseless. He can’t respond if he wanted too, and, off the top of my head, I’m not sure what Olivia or Dhani can say to defend him. It’s hard to say what they actually know, and, if they don’t know, that’s doubly worse in my view.

    Just my irrelevant musings on the matter.

  3. being a big fan and supporter of george, i find it hard to beleive george would cheat on olivia. when patti left george they were so distant anyway, besides george was ok, with them being together. i think of the beatles as extended family members, i have been a major fan for 23 years, and have seen so much happen. i think patti is no better than may pang or albert goldman or geoffrey guiliano, they never did anything productive, they are leeches……olivia was george’s soul mate. barbara is ringo’s soul mate. yoko was john’s soul mate. linda was paul’s soul mate. i wonder when heather will publish her tell all book…eric clapton is a great guitarist but a lousy love. he only thinks of women as objects for his desires, too bad hendrix died instead of clapton .

    • You’re a big fan of George yet find it hard to to believe he cheated on his wife? Ever see Scorsese’s doc about George? He used to cheat on her frequently..

  4. I can´t believe this story!!! As far as I remember Olivia and Dhani were with George during the Japan Tour in 1991.
    Harrison did not lost Pattie as Lory says , he let her go without caring too much in fact.
    Once again money is behind this dirty tale.

  5. People, wake up! It’s been spoken about in circles by “those who know” that George did have liasons with women before and during his marriage to Olivia. I don’t think it means he didn’t love her – I think it’s just how George was. Apparently Olivia put up with it ’cause history shows she never left him. As far as Pattie and Clapton were concerned, Eric is said to have told George he was in love with Pattie, and George basically told him “take her.” There have been stories for 20 years or more that George and Pattie were often into “swinging” with other people during their marriage. Hey, remember it was the drug-fueled ’60s and that’s what “the beautiful people” did. It’s not like George and Eric were distance acquaintences – after all, Eric lived on George’s estate in a mobile home (which the Brits call a “caravan”) – I can attest to that as I visited George’s house in Henley in 1971 and saw it!

  6. i love george endlessly.

  7. I agree with Maccamate. The Beatles were human, after all and boys will be boys as the old saying goes. Gotta admit…if I had the chance to spend three days with George Harrison in a hotel suite I don’t think I would have turned it down, either.

  8. niente d ciò ke è stato scritto è vero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!svegliatevi,gente!!!!!!!ki ama e seguiva george sa ke dhani ed olivia erano cn lui,in giappone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ke hanno fatto,lui e la del santo?s sn coricati assieme,cn dhani ed olivia nella stessa stanza?????????ma x favore!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have no idea about the story, but the Daily Mail is a bit of a tabloid, specializing in gossip. Plus this talk of revenge seems odd considering the Eric/Pattie thing had been done many years before; it’s not like it had just happened. And by many accounts, George did just kinda let it happen, and still remainded close friends with Eric. So yeah, I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

  10. I don’t believe this story. Why would George want revenge. He and his wife Olivia attended the wedding of Eric and Pattie. They all were friends. I think this is just tabloid gossip. Furthermore Olivia and Dhani accompanied George on the trip.

    Eric did not steal Pattie, George gave her away

    • Also it’s pretty obvious that that photo from the Daily Mail article was doctored. I have no idea about the validity of the story, but I’m surprised no one else has noticed that!


  12. Who knows if her story if hype or the truth. I have read on other websites Olivia suspected George cheated on her during their marriage, but he always came back to her. I guess some women can’t resist seducing a legendary rock star married or single.

  13. I can’t believe it! I absolutely don’t think George would have ruined his loving family, hiding himself to have sex with a complete moron like Lory Del Santo!! Anyway, the circumstances are suspicious: if Olivia and Dhani were with him in the Hiroshima tour, how can they had no suspects, not seeing him for three days (same thing for Eric)?? Olivia never told about a possibly suspect of George in those days in Hiroshima… He never thought to get his revenge on Eric, or nurse a grudge against him… However, I remain with the opinion that money is behind this story and Lory Del Santo thought to tell this rubbish only to scrape money!

  14. I am Georges oldest son Carl put up for adoption in Sacramento CA. you can check it out by calling Karen Yager Sacramento county adoptions. Pattie is not an honest person I was with her when George was stabbed!! no tears , now she is trying to make it so I don’t exist . could it be the money? Dhani is a bastard and isn’t eligible for inheritance under English law

  15. Lory, get off my boyfriend!

  16. Georges’ songs were his life story. All things considered he was a Dark Horse, a very complicated character. I think he was fortunate to have two beautiful women as wives in his life path, but I think that he was looking for a perfect relationship, if that exists. Did he have that with Patti, perhaps, but they let their love go and Olivia was a beacon of light after his marriage broke up. He was obviously in need of a woman who would care for him and love him and give him a family.
    As for his infidelities, well, for a man in his position he was a philander and liked beautiful women. Very difficult for Olivia, but he was searching for something … Listen to the lyrics of ‘Poor Little Girl’

  17. If George Harrison had known he had a child, he would have claimed it. Who are these people who want their claim to fame just because they have a last name similar. Dude, get Dhani to agree to a DNA test. I am sure he would love to stop this rumor. It’s not about inheritance, because the wife gets it all in the US unless otherwise stated in a will. Shameful to call Dhani a bastard. Besides, if you truly are Pattie’s son and could get retribution, seems Pattie would want to cash in on that meal ticket.

    • George did know and contacted Carl in 96.

      • Oh please people why are you even discussing that troll cxxl hxxxxxn’s lies (I refuse to call him by that name as it dignifies his dangerous trollery)? If you even just examine his story for two seconds it falls apart! Jeepers

        And Loris is lying her head off too

  18. Very revealing bless you, I do think your current audience might want a whole lot more content such as this continue the excellent work.

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