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May Pang to release book of photos.

It looks like abother Beatle -ex of sorts is putting together a book about their time with our favorite musicians.  This time around, May Pang, John Lennon’s lover in the mid-1970’s is putting together a book of photos of her time with John Lennon.  It is rare to see new material come out about John Lennon’s so-called “lost weekend.”  So this book should have Lennon fans salivating at the opportunity to see some new things.

I have been a May Pang fan for some time.  Her first book about her time with John is one of my favorite Lennon books out there.  It gives readers and fans some fresh perspective on John.  We get to hear and now see a different voice, who was there in the thick of it all, give us their perspective on their time withe Lennon.  We look forward to seeing this book just as much as we look forward to Pattie Harrison’s book as well.  We’ll keep you posted withe more details as we get them. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

John Lennon’s ex-girlfriend May Pang is set to release a book of previously unseen photos taken of the late Beatle during their 18-month romance. The book, titled Instamatic Karma in reference to Lennon’s song Instant Karma!, features 150 photographs of the Imagine singer, including shots of him in the studio recording his album Walls And Bridges, and images with his Fab Four bandmates Sir Paul MCCartney and Ringo Starr.


Lennon dated his assistant Pang in 1973, when the star had temporarily separated from his wife Yoko Ono. Instamatic Karma will be released early next year

Source: Contact Music


30 Responses

  1. another self aggrandized attempt to milk money off of Lennon. Disgraceful

  2. YES!

  3. i agree, lucy.
    yet, still.
    i love john lennon.
    quite literally,
    so i LOVE looking at pictures.

  4. YAY! I’m so excited! The website shows the cover of the book, and it looks great!

  5. This is May Pang’s chance to talk about a daughter John Lennon had. Why do you think she waited 30 something years. The daughter gets her inheritance 2008 from Jackson. Jackson hid the inheritance because Ono told him to. Copyrights are up 25 years after the death of Lennon. Don’t bad mouth May. She must have been busting in silence all these years. She is doing this for the love of John and his right to see his daughter inherit. Wait til you see it on TV. May helped him through a rough time. Don’t critisize her until all facts are in. She is not that bitch Mills. Why do you think Lennon was in a depression back then. I am in the music business so I know. This was kept from the world. This daughter was illigitimate. Lennon fought to see her but the mother was married. You know like a Maury Povich type show.

  6. Total crock, another gold digging illigitimate whiskey bottle offspring. all the Beatles had affairs which resulted in such things. Big deal, so now she’s come to “collect” as it were. YAWN YAWN YAWN, go get a real job. Eh might be interesting to see Julian’s reaction as he will get even less of the pie now.

    How the hell does May Pang position herself in the middle of everything? what an opportunist. and whom did he have this ‘daughter” with? someone he was screwing when he was with May?

    and who the hell is Jackson? Michael Jackson? Victoria Jackson? Jackson Browne? Who needs May Pang to tell this story (if it’s true) why can’t the “daughter” speak for herself?

    smells like shit to me.

    Sorry don’t buy it.

  7. Another thing, copyrights expire 70-75 years after and authors death not 25.



    and if this is all about the daughter he fathered in 1965 then this is all old news. If “Jackson” is Michael Jackson who owns the beatle song rights then this inheritance won’t be due for some time. like another 50 years.

  8. same for the UK


    Across the European Union, authors of songs and their families benefit from copyright for the whole of their lives plus 70 years, while performers of songs and their producers benefit for just 50 years from the date of recording – as in the case of some Cliff Richard songs from 1958 and some Beatles songs from 1963.

  9. Ok now I know this post is full of shit.


    Here is a link I found where someone named “Sharon” saying the exact same thing only instead of May Pang it is Heather Mills going to bat for this “daughter”

    what a big streaming pile.


    Lucy Lennon has previously claimed to have seen an advance copy of May Pang’s book, yet when Pat suggests a possible topic covered in the book, Lucy doesn’t confirm or deny its inclusion.

    You are such a fake, Lucy. This story is NOT in the book. Don’t believe me? Just wait.

    What a pathetic, lying, desperate wannabe you are…yawn yawn yawn. You know NOTHING.

  11. this “Pat” person never said this shite was in the book moron, and I said I only saw a trade release copy, which for all you idiots out there is NOT A FINISHED COPY. None of this matters anyway.

  12. The laugh’s still on you, idiot. The trade copy had EVERYTHING that’s in the book, the only differences were the photos, which were all black and white, and the cover, which was not the final version.

    Again, you show how LITTLE you know about anything!

    Why don’t you leave all this to the professionals and go back to that fat-girl’s cave of yours?

  13. Ha Ha Ha laugh all you want May, only YOU would expose yourself like the desperate self aggrandizer that you are. How else is it YOU know so much about the book eh? You and your delusional attempt to make the world believe that Lennon was at peace when he was with you. It’s all Bullshit. Of course you will argue that “pictures” tell a different story and if that’s true then all the pictures of Lennon AFTER he dumped your sorry ass and returned to Yoko show he was happier with her.

  14. Funny that you think I’m May Pang…I’ll take that as a compliment. No, I’m not her, but I am in a position to have seen the book recently, along with a small group of insiders.

    Everything you say is so far from the truth, it’s laughable. May doesn’t need to make things up, she lived it. Each and every story has long ago been validated by the many others WHO WERE THERE. The ones who dispute her claims, for the most part, were NOT there (and this includes Yoko)

    The book is a picture book and the pictures don’t lie, let’s let the readers decide what they think of how he looks vs the emaciated skeleton he became later under Yoko’s watchful eye.

    So back in your cage now Lucy–there’s a good girl

  15. Well you sure are one ass kissing sychophant of hers then. Go enjoy your Fantasy. It won’t be a double one.

  16. John was on some kind of vegi/microbiotic diet…so was Yoko…half of hollywood is too thin. Let us not blame Yoko. Let us not forget that sometimes they also had chocolate!
    Of course John enjoyed May for a short time…it was a fling. Yoko was his other half and love of his life…they both knew it!
    They could not live without the other….
    I hope May finds her other half…her ex hubby said that she was ”obsessed” with John and it broke their marriage up…. she needs to move on….
    John did with Yoko….

  17. To Lucy Lennon,
    It might smell like shit to you but that is probably because you are jealous. Let me tell you something you are not in the music business and I am. I have heard from top executives on this subject. If lennon made a daughter and wanted her to get money then good for him. May is only going to tell it when it finally comes out. It might not be in her book but she will come out again with those pictures when it is announced. Michael Jackson is the bastard here. He lived off Beatle copyrights for 22 years and never gave the daughter her inheritance. This is unfair to her. This could have been you or anyone. It is not the daughters fault. He loved that daughter. And as far as today is concerned half the world are illegitimates. Copyright ownership is up 25 years after Lennon’s death. Read UK copyright law not Americas. Jackson has to deliver or he could go to jail for fraud.

  18. Also to Lucy Lennon,
    See all the rock star reunions? Osmonds, Led Zepplin and many others? That is because they are getting ready to salute the unknown daughter who is goind to inherit. It is almost here. Lenny Kravitz new album Time for a Love Revolution. See the lines:
    Child of the most high
    wear your crown, wear your crown
    He is saying now is the time for this to happen. Daughter of the most famous man in history. Crown represents royalty. Music royalty. He knows she will inherit because the whole music business knows that this was Lennon’s wish. They are happy for her and doing it in honor of John Lennon. A man that influenced them in rock n roll. Also look at Foo Fighters Great Pretender song. Read it. It talks about a skeleton coming out of the closet.

  19. Still a crock. How would May have pictures of some “daughter” floating around if Lennon could not even see her? Also, Inquiring Mindz doesn’t seem to back up your story. What would I be jealous of anyway? You think I want to be Lennon’s daughter? what an ass. If May wants to put out hger picture book of her time with Lennon fine, at least her time with Lennon is verifiable. Also, if this crap you spout was true, and such a scandel, and hid from the world for years then why are you leaking this info on a stupid message board? Total shit.

  20. IF this “daughter” exists, why isn’t she speaking up? she doesn’t need ‘D” list celebritys to take up her “cause”, she needs a lawyer. UK law says copyright ownership for Sound Recordings and performance is up 25 yrs after artist death. AUTHORSHIP copyrights still remain 70 years after authors death in the UK.

  21. Nothing but conspiracy theorys

  22. Oh the humanities! Lucy’s like that other tragic blimp — the Hindenburg. If Pang is so pathetic, why do you spend years of your life concentrating on her. Remember when you didn’t even know what SMP was and you thought the book was self-published? If anyone wants a laugh, look up and see how long (and how low) this whack will stoop.

    By the way, genius, ANYONE who released ANYTHING by or about Lennon after December 8, 1980 is making money off of him. And Mrs. Lennon is on top of the list. Most people are excited to see photos of John; if you’re not, don’t buy it

  23. P.S. Einstein, it’s theories, not theorys

  24. Looks like Lucy Lennon Chapman is back stalking Ms. Pang for no particular reason. Hey Lucy, did you preorder your copy or will you just run down to the book store and read it for free? Oh I know what you’ll do. You’ll get a copy and paste your big fat head over May’s picture.

  25. Is this Lucy chic for real? She seems pretty nuts to me. Why does she not just leave this May Pang alone? Who gives a rats ass what Lucy has to say anyway?
    If she knows all the facts maybe she should right a book and set us all straight. Gee wiz Miss Lucille, your life is so pathetic. Do you really think that people honestly believe you? You are a schizo! You feed off of people not agreeing with your insane ideas.
    You do have a good way of making people feel sorry for you though.
    Do you really think John Lennon looked happier in the pictures with Yoko Ono after the whole May relationship? Are you an expert on facial expressions?
    You are bloody insane.

  26. It is so obvious how jealous Lucy is of May Pang. It is incredibly disturbing and frightening that she goes to such great lengths to try to
    make up her own version of someone elses life because she does not have a life of her own. Lucy can say and feel what she wants but she can’t change the truth. No matter how you slice or dice it people, there was a loving relationship between May Pang and John Lennon. Just because Yoko Ono asked May Pang to be with him,May did not lock him in a room for almost two years. He could have left anytime he wanted if he was so unhappy with her. He had money,he had friends and he could have had any woman that he wanted but instead he stayed with May Pang.

  27. hochu vodki!i

  28. We have all confirmed just how mentally unstable Lucy lennon is. She states over and over again the same bull. She is trying to make a name for herself by hiding behind a computer and posting nothing but lies. She will never admit to who he/she is because of the lies that have been created. I know that if I new something true to the fact I would stand up and show myself to prove that I am correct. John did love May. Learn to deal with it Lucy and get over it. Find a person to love you and you will then understand. Of course it won’t be John Lennon but that’s o.k.! Maybe go to the nearest animal shelter and get yourself a pet. You can even name it John if it will make you feel better. Take baby steps.

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