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Rumors Say Paul McCartney Will Join Brian Wilson Onstage in London

Did you see Brian Wilson and The Wondermints the last time they toured a few years ago behind the epic, and long awaited Smile.  We were not fortunate enough to attend, but we heard it was nothing short of brillant.  It was the true epic album that music fans and critics have been waiting decades for.  We also heard that the tour was even more wonderful.


It looks like long-time Beatle friend, admirer, and musical magician Brian Wilson will be joined on stage by Paul McCartney with a stop in London. The word is that they will perform some pieces from Sgt. Pepper.  I wonder which songs they will do together? 

It stikes my as quite odd that they would perform songs from that album. As you may or may not know, as the story goes, Sgt. Pepper was the album that drove Brian Wilson to madness in pursuit of musical perfection.  It’s almost as if he couldn’t crawl out of the shadow of Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper.  It looks like those demons, with the recent release of the long awaited Smile album, have been exorcised, and will celebrate with his friend, Paul McCartney, in musical mastery live onstage.

  • Which songs would you like to see Paul and Brian perform together onstage? 
    Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Rumors that Paul McCartney will join Brian Wilson onstage in London next month have started to spread after a source reportedly told U.K. paper The Daily Express of the upcoming duet. “Paul and Brian are good mates and as Brian is going to be performing from Pepper, the word is Paul will join him onstage one night for a couple of songs,” the insider claims.

Though the pair were chart rivals forty years ago, if rumor becomes reality McCartney will join Wilson at one of his six scheduled nights at the Royal Festival Hall in September — as the source indicates, to guest on a track from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album the Beatles have long said was greatly influenced by the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

McCartney and Wilson have paired up in the past, for a duet on Wilson’s 2004 album Gettin’ In Over My Head and at a 2002 fundraiser for Open Hearts, Clear Minds, a charity started by McCartney’s soon-to-be ex-wife Heather Mills. McCartney also introduced Wilson when the Beach Boy was inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 2007, saying, “So thank you, sir, for everything you’ve done for me, for making me cry, for having that ‘thing’ you can do with your music. You just put those notes and those harmonies together, stick a couple of words over the top of it and you’ve got me. Any day.”

Source: Rolling Stone


4 Responses

  1. i would like to hear them perform a medley of beatles and beach boys songs

  2. I think the most natural choice might be a duett on “Here There And Everywhere” perhaps, seeing how it sonically was inspired by “the clean sounds” of the mid 60’s Beach Boys, but I would’ve liked to hear Paul and Brian do “She’s Leaving Home” with the bright, shiny vocals of a young Brian on the chorus.. I don’t know if it would be the same today, when both men’s voices have become weaker and frailer than they used to be. But it would be poignant to have them do the song (“She’s Leaving Home”) which Paul allegedly played to Brian, an important clue into the end of the SMILE project (unless I’m mistaken about the song.)

    But the most fitting song (seeing also since Beach Boys actually did their own versions around 1970) might be “With A Little Help From My Friends”..

  3. hah… forgot.. Paul should get Brian to sing on “Back In The USSR” 🙂

  4. I do believe they’ve done “God Only Knows” & “Let It Be” together in the past, and their duet on a recent Brian album was “A Friend Like You”…
    But if were looking at only likely Pepper tracks, then…we need to look at mostly the Macca tracks (with a notable exception- I don’t think they’ll be looking at the largely Lennon, or Harrison tracks- though Billy Shears has a shot to be sure)…Sgt. Pepper (title track and reprise)- I doubt it, but because it introduces things it’s possible they might do some part of it; When I’m 64- again iffy- though both men are around that age and they’d have fun with it- Macca seems like he’d rather focus on his vitality and is a little tired of this one being pointed out to him ; Lovely Rita- also less likely me thinks ; A Day in The Life- very doubtful as there’s too much Lennon and I don’t think Brian would want to tackle that.
    So that leaves us with our most likely list (in no particular order)…With a Little Help- very possibe…She’s Leaving Home- also very possible…Getting Better- another likely choice…Fixing a Hole- a good shot as well. All of these, with Friends being an exception (sung by Ringo & a true co-write with John) are sung by Paul but lend themselves to dueting or had some part of Lennon interjection of answering back-up vocals, or very interesting vocal harmonies, and they were mostly Paul written (though some did have some Lennon collaboration- as Pepper was the most collaborative thing they did outside of the early days). Blessings of Love & Light to All !!!

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