Unseen Beatles footage appears.

It looks like there is some new Mal Evans video footage of The Beatles hitting the official download circuit.  I am not sure if this is entirely new to Fab Four bootleg collectors or not.  We did not get a chance to download the new footage ourselves. 

Some of our favorite bootlegged Beatle footage was shot by Mr. Mal Evans.  I think some of his other clips and silent home movies were released (in a limited way)  on a DVD at least.  This footage looks to be newer found footage.  If anyone knows the details of this footage, let us know in the comments.   It looks like good stuff at first glance though.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Exclusive never-before-seen footage of The Beatles is released today (August 1).

The material was filmed by the Fab Four’s former roadie Mal Evans and has been hidden for decades.

The clips include secret concert footage as well as revealing private conversations and personal exchanges within the band. The historic footage includes live concert performances, also the Fab Four chatting as the travel down the Thames on a boat, and the band riding down London’s Park Lane in a car with their friends and rivals The Beach Boys.

Other footage uncovered includes Rolling Stones legend Charlie Watts discussing the cult of celebrity, years before such a phenomenon was ever recognised, and live recordings of Jimi Hendrix playing in front of The Beatles.

MBop has now released the material and has made some clips available for download at the MBopMegastore.com, reformatted and restored.

Evans was shot dead in 1976. His widow Lily discovered the cine footage in their attic before selling them at Christie’s auction house.

The private owners have licensed the footage exclusively to MBop.

Source: NME


2 Responses

  1. I´ve bought and dowloaded both videos from mbopmegastore, spending around 6 sterlings.

    Great surprise when Windows media cannot find the DRM (digital reprodction rights) to play these.

    Still more surprise when after dozens of emails mbopmegastore still remains without reply a single one. It appears to be a phantom site operated by nobody, and without any responsible person.

    So, I have the videos, but I was never able to play these.

    If anyone got working ones please contact me at fferrante@fibertel.com.ar


  2. yall can suck my manhood, i just love the beatles so much i want them in bed with me

    i dont like yall judging my partners like dat

    i got da right mind to git my crip nigga ass on yalls

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