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Julian Lennon denies copying father.

Man oh man.  It looks like Julian Lennon really just cannot catch a break.  Here he is trying to make some socially conscious art, a film nonetheless, and he’s catching comparisons to his famous father. It mus be hard to be Julian Lennon.  The comparisons must be relentless.  I couldn’t imagine attempting to be in the public, art, spotlight trying to release any kind of art with the Lennon family legacy looming over my head.  I guess I should have worded that better.  It would be extremely difficult to try and forge my own path as an artist with the Lennon family legacy looming over my head.

I commend Julian for creating his own work.  It truly stands on its own.  Any Beatle fan worth their salt would immensely enjoy Julian’s body of work, especially the latter albums.  Julian’s album Photograph Smile hasn’t left my car since the day I bought it when it came out.  So what if he creates art, music, and film that borrows influences and themes from his father.  Hasn’t virtually any living artist/musician alive been influenced by Lennon and The Beatles?  I would be upset if Julian was not influenced by his father.

If you have been hiding under a rock, by the way, Julian Lennon has posted new tunes at his myspace page.  It also looks like he is gearing up for a new album and tour to support it.  He has been a busy guy as of late.

Here’s what we’ve read.

John Lennon’s son Julian has denied trying to follow in his father’s footsteps by making a movie about the environment.
Lennon junior produced documentary The Gathering: Return of the Whale Dreamers which premiered at this year’s (07) Cannes Festival.

But the 44-year-old denies he is trying to imitate his father’s political protests.
He says, “I admire what he did enormously. But we are not jumping on the bandwagon.
“We never did it to make money, we started ten years ago so we were before Al Gore and 9/11.”

Source:  PR-Inside


9 Responses

  1. His songs on Photograph Smile are perhaps the best of any Beatle-related artist. You can sense pain, joy, anger, love, and fear in his voice when he sings. And musicianship on his past couple efforts puts anything McCartney has done to shame…ie. he doesn’t try to be the drummer, guitarist, and anything else like Macca does. A joy to listen to.

  2. beg to differ. paul has done some awesome music in his whole carear. julian vanished back in 98…….. sean too, needs music lessons…. hey jules, learn music…

  3. I love Paul’s work too but some of his tracks sound more like demos than finished products. Take his whole first album for example. Then there’s any track where he drums…it’s so amatuerish compared to when his Wings drummers or band drummers are behind the kit. Flaming Pie was painful to listen to when Paul drummed compared to Beautiful Night where Ringo stepped in. Just an opinion. He’s a killer bass player and a pretty darn good guitarist too but he should leave the drumming to a drummer.

    Listen to Julian and Sean’s production quality compared to Paul’s…hands down to the sons of Lennon there folks!

  4. I’m with the writer of this article. Julian just can’t escape being compared to his dad in everything he does. Ugh! :/

    Obviously, like with a lot of music artists, musically he has been influenced by The Beatles and his dad. And why shouldn’t he be? Because he would be influence even more than some artists for obvious reasons. But he has been influenced by other music artists as well, so he does have a style of his own, which I love.

    I have all of Julian Lennon’s albums and can’t wait for the release of his new album. Those early mixes on MySpace are awesome! I love all his albums. But “Photograph Smile” is one of my favorites, and I can see already that his new album is going to be a favorite as well.

    A very talented and conscientious man. I wish him all the best and success with the film, “Whale Dreamers”, and with his new album.

  5. Its been 27 years and the sons shadow is still here day and night. As soon as a beatle son walks into thier own light they start casting a shadow of thier father. So being the first son Julian will always cast the biggest and longest shadow of them all. When the media lets him be himself he shines on like the moon and sun and the stars

  6. Any Lennon fan would be able to discern the difference between Julian and his dad’s styles of music. Although the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; he has a distinct style and sound all his own. It’s no shocker that there are strong similarities between father and son, but he did come into his talent honestly and on his own. I can’t wait for the new album to be released. “Yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today is a gift that’s why we call it the present.”

  7. How people are comparing Paul McCartney to Lennon’s kids and saying that the kids are much better than McCartney is completely ridiculous. McCartney’s post-Beatles work is prodigious.. yes, he has some crap, just like John Lennon had, but he has more wonderful songs than you or I or anyone else will ever have… you obviously love John and try to do anything to slag Paul down. Paul is one of the greatest songwriters of all-time (along with John). Live with it!

  8. Julian is more musically talented than Sean Lennon and he seems like a nicer person as well in listening/reading interviews. They both had it tough growing up and hopefully they put out good work. I haven’t been impressed with Sean’s work. Julian sounds more like his father. Wish Paul and Julian would write a few songs together. They would sound great. As far as Paul goes, I agree with “d” – rating the Lennon kids above McCartney’s oeuvre is just plain ignorant. Lennon was considered a joke by many until his death. He really wasn’t putting out much and his sales had tanked in the mid-1970’s. Double Fantasy and his death made him into an untouchable luminary but remember his bagism, etc. were ridiculed by most people. McCartney has crap no doubt, but he has so many amazing songs. Just as Lennon was an amazing lyricist, Paul was amazing with melodies… and at times, Paul was great with lyrics and John with melodies. To wholly put down a person who will be viewed as Mozart (along with John) in 100 years is a bit harsh!

  9. One should admire Julian for having the guts to go forward and walk onstage at all…..how is he supposed to top his father? Why is he accused of stealing from the dead when his father climbed to the top on the backs of other songwriters? Hypocrites.
    The Beatles emerged as a cover band remember? They quickly learned how to produce ‘pop music with a beat’ but the template or style was not entirely original. Only after great success with other people’s music did the Beatles emerge as songwriters – and even then some of the material is so banal that it must have been a joke on the audience. I have an innate understanding of John Lennon’s humour (harsh, insulting, and often hurtful) as it is post war British humour. BUT: There is nothing funny about putting a man down because he is his father’s son. He was born with the problem and remains innocent. His art is original insofar as anyone can be these days. So there!

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