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Mounties spied on Lennon. Eh?

We all know about the United States and their war on the Lennons back in the 1970’s, but I’ve never actually heard about Canada’s concerns about John and Yoko. It makes sense with all of the peace publicism that they were doing in Canada.  We know that they did meet with the Prime Minister, and stage a bed-in earlier, but who would have thought that the Canucks would be following them.  I kind of surprised really.   

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, pictured here in Ottawa in 1969, wanted to stage a three-day concert promoting peace at Mosport Park, 100 kilometres east of Toronto.  It never went ahead.

I am chuckling because I am trying to picture a Canadian spy.  Imagine Dudley Do Right the bumbling mountie as a sneaky spy following the Lennons.  It’s really quite comical to think about, Eh?

Look for the film Canada vs. John Lennon, the sequel to the recent John Lennon documentary, to hit theaters this fall.  HA HA!  

Here’s what we’ve read.

The RCMP was spying on Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono after they announced plans for a massive festival to promote peace near Toronto, newly declassified government files show.

Lennon and Ono were hoping to stage a three-day concert in July 1970 at Mosport Park, 100 kilometres east of Toronto.

An RCMP report dated Dec. 30, 1969, and that was obtained by the Canadian Press reveals the security service was monitoring the couple, who were planning to invite other members of the Beatles as well as Elvis Presley to the show.

“Lennon hopes that if the festival would turn out to be a success, there would be a good chance they might take this festival to Russia,” said one portion of the report.

Lennon had wanted the festival to be beamed around the world. It would have been staged at the height of the Vietnam War, and the musician said he picked Canada because it was a “young nation” that wasn’t interfering in foreign countries.

Lennon and Ono had a 50-minute meeting with then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau days after announcing the concert, the report said.

The pair were already familiar with Canada, having staged their bed-in for peace in May 1969 at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel, where they recorded Give Peace a Chance.

Rock music writer Ritchie Yorke left his newspaper job that year to join Lennon and Ono on their world peace quest.

“We really believed that we were in a position that we might be able to change some things.”

Yorke said seeing his name in the RCMP report was upsetting, but at the same time left him “proud that we were there at that time, trying to stop the forces of repression.”

Had a hunch they were being watched

Yorke, 63, lives in Australia and still writes about music.

He recalled that he had suspicions that authorities were keeping surveillance on Lennon and Ono.

“You’d keep seeing the same sort of person in different places.”

The RCMP shared information about the event with the FBI.

The festival never took off after Lennon and Ono battled with organizers over whether to provide free admission, and they also had run-ins with Beatles manager Allen Klein.

Months later, in April 1970, Lennon and Ono wrote a letter to Rolling Stone magazine saying they still wanted to organize a peace festival.

“Have we all forgotten what vibes are?” said the letter.  “Can you imagine what we could do together in the one spot — thinking, singing and praying for peace.”

Yorke said the release of the information is a good thing, reminding people of what the late Beatle stood for. Lennon was gunned down in front of his New York apartment in 1980.

“Most of what John Lennon was trying to tell us is equally appropriate now as it was when he was staying in Canada in 1969.”

Source: CBC


11 Responses

  1. this just shows how powerful John was, and is.

  2. The US and Canada recognized his power to rally people. Especially during the Vietnam War of the Johnson and Nixon administrations! Talk about a powderkeg!Makes you wonder how he would have reacted to the terror attacks on his adopted hometown of NYC had he lived… Would he and Yoko urge the US government to ‘think peaceful thoughts’ and hope they wouldn’t come back for more attacks or would he urge the govt. to go after them like England did with the Germans in the 40?

    By the way, where’s Ulla?

  3. i have been away. too many problems here with veronica. i met this guy here and we started dating. veronica came along and stole him from me. but me and my ex boyfriend are back together. anyway… i love john and yoko’s peace movement. it was them against the media.

  4. I can not believe this, but at the same time can. Most people don’t think about this stuff…

    Also, Ulla, can you please email me again? I was wondering where you were…

  5. emails no good.


  7. veronica, act your age….ulla is a nice person…she never bothered you, ok………


  9. this soap opera must end now, i am sorry for all the silly posts that i did here. it is all over now. the facts are this: 1. ulla is miss prym. 2. i pretended to be ulla on some posts here. 3. ulla also posted as me, she said all the bad things about him. 4. i posted as awc1967 to embarrass him, most of his posts are me. 5.ulla and awc1967 are only internet friends, but ulla wants more from him, but he is happily married and ulla has to accept that. 6. i was hoping he and i could be internet friends but he and ulla are that., so i will give them their space. 7. we all have sent angry emails to one another, but it has stopped a while back. 8. i am sorry for all this mess and from now on, i will post nice, thank you .

  10. Obviously, war profiteers are very concerned with anyone who is able to rally the masses under a flag of peace. Being sociopathic and bloodthirsty, they will do whatever it takes to eliminate those who oppose their livelihood.

    John Lennon, MLK, JFK and RFK are just the most visible people in modern history who have been eliminated by those who profit from war and control. There are many others who never attained the fame to have books and movies made about them. It serves the purpose of quieting dissident opinion and intimidating others into self-censorship.

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