Beatles’ fans say that “All you need is Love” should not be used for commercial.

I guess that it didn’t take long for the fans to speak out against the new commercial using the Beatles’ anthemic icon “All You Need is Love.” Last week we reported that the song was going to be used in a commercial for diapers.  It seems that the marketing geniuses in the Luvs PR department may have hit the emotional heartstrings a little too hard.  I would have to agree.  It is a little much to use a song like the as a commercial jingle.  It is a little unsettling to me, but at least the song is used briefly in the commercial.

It would be one thing to use “Yellow Submarine” or “Bungalow Bill” in a commercial, but to use such an iconic song that means so many things to so many is overboard.  I guess the commercial is doing its job though, I mean people are talking about it.  I guess bad press is better than no press. 

“All You Need is Luvs” commercial

What are your thoughts on the commercial?  Let us know in the comments. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Some Beatles fans are angry that the 1967 peace anthem “All You Need Is Love” is being used in a new ad campaign for disposable diapers.

“For people who feel that political connection, it comes off as kind of a callous action,” said Angela Natividad, coeditor of, a marketing commentary site. “You’ve got the Beatles, which draws like, religious feelings, and you’ve got the war.”

Beatles songs have been used in ads before. A version of “Help!” was used in a car commercial in 1985, and current Target Corp. commercials use a version of “Hello Goodbye.”

But the “All You Need…” campaign, launched this month for Procter & Gamble Co.’s Luvs diapers, particularly bothered some fans, who do not like that the song is being used during another time of war, in Iraq, to evoke soiled diapers.

Lisa Jester, a P&G baby care spokeswoman, said the commercial, showing a diaper-clad toddler wrestling with a stuffed bear as his smiling family watches, was popular in testing with parents.

Elizabeth Freund, U.S. spokeswoman for Apple Corps Ltd., the London-based group formed by the Beatles that helps guard their legacy, said Sony/ATV Music Publishing (a joint venture of Sony Corp. and Michael Jackson) holds publishing rights for “All You Need Is Love.” Sony/ATV does not need permission from surviving Beatles or heirs to license the songs in its Beatles catalog.

Paul Freundlich, a spokesman for Paul McCartney, who shares songwriting credit with Lennon on most Beatles hits, declined to comment.

Jester would not say how much P&G paid to use the song.

Source: International Herald Tribune


16 Responses

  1. I couldnt find a working email address, the yahoo one bounced back so i thought i would try this…

    I just found this on a weird russian site.

    thought it might give you a chuckle!

    all the best, keep up the good work…


  2. Very tacky, it shouldnt be played
    They took a song of peace and love, and made it a song of pee and poop
    Just awful

  3. Lame commerical… a song about peace and love, not only for pee and poop, but about a child WRESTLING with a bear?! That doesn’t spread the peace and love message!

  4. If Paul McCartney has enough money to toss away $40 Million at a divorce settlement, he’s got enough to not have his song used this way. Blaming Michael JAckson or Sony for it is silly when it’s his complacency that’s letting it go on. If Beatles songs keep getting sold to stupid commercials like this on (or the memorable “All You Need Is Love” for some credit card company… try to figure that one out), then I think you’ll find that their legacy will quickly falter with younger generations.


  6. […] news and airing of  the Beatles’ anthem “All You Need is Love” in the latest Luvs diaper commercial has drudged up this news.  Maybe now, the press thinks that the Fab Four can […]

  7. I don’t mind Michael Jackson/Sony selling the tune. Although Jackson is quite unsavory on his own terms.

    This just makes the commercial more enjoyable. C’mon people. Much as I love the Beatles and their music, which are some of the best songs of all time, it is just a nice song. And all of the “peace and love” people back then were shams themselves. So lighten up.

  8. no. this is an iconic peace and love song. and they’re deteriorating it’s message. what would john think of this?

  9. It actually is kind of Jackson’s fault. A lot of the songs got sold a long time ago, I read that Paul was already unhappy about it a long time ago, nobody can do anything unless they are bought back, and it’s likely that they aren’t for sale either… TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! TACKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRESTLING A BEAR DOESNT REPRESENT LOVE!!!!!!!

  10. stupid wacko jack off..!!!!!!!!!!ggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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  15. […] sale – to sell diapers and more! Posted on January 4, 2008 by Matt Last July we posted a news announcement that Sony had sold the rights to use the anthem “All You Need is Love” in a diaper […]

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