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Lennon specs expected to fetch millions.

Lennon's specs could fetch millionsHere’s a question for you. How much is too much? What would be a reasonable price for such an iconic piece of memorabilia like John Lennon’s granny glasses? I am a John Lennon fanatic and even think this is a little over the top. For that much money it would be hard to enjoy and appreciate an item such as this. I know it would be considered more an investment piece, than a piece of personal memorabilia, but it would just seem kind of hard to appreciate it.

It would be like trying to take a pet fish for a walk on a leash. You know. It’s not like you can take out your $1M pair of John Lennon glasses and play dress up with them.

What are your thoughts on this truly unique and one of a kind memorabilia piece. Could this be the most iconic Lennon item up for auction? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

A pair of John Lennon’s iconic granny glasses are set to fetch more than £1 million when they are auctioned on an internet website.

The gold-rimmed spectacles were presented to the musician’s Japanese translator Junishi Yore more than 40 years ago during the Beatles 1966 tour.

As well as being his trademark, they are a poignant reminder of Lennon’s tragic death – Mr Yore pushed out the dark lenses as a traditional sign of respect when he heard the news of the singer’s murder in 1980.

The last pair of Lennon’s glasses changed hands back in 2002 and are kept at The Beatles Story exhibiton in Liverpool. They are insured for £1 million.

Experts believe the new acution will create huge interest, especially as the glasses are associated with the Beatles’ legendary tour.

On the eve of the trip, Lennon had commented the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus” and, once they were in Japan, the band faced threats from religious fanatics angry at the decision to let them play at the sacred site of Budokan.

At the end of their final Budokan concert, Lennon and his translator exchanged gifts in the Japanese tradition.

Mr Yore presented the Beatle with a set of copper cups and Lennon gave him the spectacles.

They go on sale today on music memorabilia website http://www.991.com.

John Warner, its sales director, said they came to the site from a US collector:

He added: “They are an iconic item from one of the greatest luminaries of pop.”

The glasses also come with a note from Mr Yore: “John Lennon wore same glasses at Budokan. He gave me this … Very nice man. Lenses removed when he die.”

Source: Daily Mail

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5 Responses

  1. wow.

  2. I wish I had a spare $1M.

  3. “Saving all your money for a rainy day,
    giving all your clothes to charity,
    last night the wife said,
    oh boy when you’re dead,
    don’t take nothing with you but your soul”

  4. I hate to spoil their party, but these arent the famous ‘granny glasses’ by a stretch. If they were given to this guy in 1966, and in Japan, it means they are a pair of sunglasses John had at the time. Check out some pictures of the band from around then, and you’ll see these glasses.
    Maybe a mil for a pair of Johns glasses from ’68 or ’69, but not for these.

  5. I’d want anything he put on, especially his glasses!

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