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Is a Beatle iPod closer to a reality?

This picture is only a mock up...sorry to get you excited folks.It looks like the rumor of The Beatle-themed iPod will not go away.  It keeps poking its little head out.  I have to admit, the thought did cross my mind earlier last week.  It makes sense that they would roll something like this out once the iPhone dropped.  I don’t expect to see it anytime soon, but I would line up for one of these babies.

Hopefully, though it does have a touch screen.  That would be killer. Gadgets aside though, I really would want to know how the songs sound.  Am I enamored with the fact that they would be downloadable? Of course, we all are.  I am more interested in hearing how the remasters sound.  A bonus would be a Beatley iPod loaded with the catalog, and (hopefully) promo videos to watch on the wonderfully geeky submarine adorned iPod screen.  That would be something.  As always, we’ll keep you up to date on all the Apple/Apple rumors. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Could there ever be an Apple gadget more desirable than the iPhone? Yep. How about a limited-edition Yellow Submarine iPod, with every single Beatles album preloaded onto it? Oh yes.

There were plenty of rumours about just such a device earlier this year, but nothing came of them. However, according to music industry consultancy Music Ally, the Yellow Submarine iPod may be back on Apple’s roadmap, now that the iPhone launch is out of the way.

What’s more, it’d be launched to tie-in with Beatles tracks finally going on sale on Apple’s iTunes Store, possibly as a one-month exclusive before becoming available through rival digital music services. Kat’s mocked up an image of how the Yellow Sub iPod might look – would you buy one?

Source: Tech Digest


6 Responses

  1. i would die for this to become a reality. then come back to buy it.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to write about this on my own blog.. how can I contact the one who created the ipod mockup? Can I use it on my blog, with credit of course?

  3. The picture is taken from the tech digest article that is linked at the bottom of the post.


  5. Every Beatles album preloaded?!?! I’d get that in an instant, all I would have to do is put my Paul, Ringo, George and John songs on it and I got all the music I want or need.

  6. Oh my gosh! I would love to have that. I would download some John and Paul on there too….

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