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Hamburg pays tribute to The Beatles.

 “I grew up in Hamburg, not Liverpool.”
–John Lennon

One could argue that Hamburg Germany, and not Liverpool was the true birthing ground of The Beatles.  They rocked too all hours of the night, and defined their true rock and roll sound in the seedy clubs on the Reeperbahn.  For the most part, The Beatles, as we know them were carved out in the dance halls in Germany.  The Fab’s second home, Hamburg, is finally paying homage to the group that changed the world.


Here’s my question though.  From the sounds of it, they are including Stuart Sutcliffe in the statue.  Pete Best is not included.  I know that Ringo was playing with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes in Hamburg at the same time as The Beatles, but shouldn’t they somehow acknowledge Pete too?

Here’s my question to you dear readers. 
Should Pete Best be included in the statue in Hamburg
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Forty-five years after the Beatles launched their international career in Hamburg, the music-loving German city is putting up a monument to the rock legends.

Radio station Oldie 95, the organiser, said that construction will begin this year of a steel monument representing the Fab Four – Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr – as well as Stuart Sutcliffe, an early Beatle who died in Hamburg in 1962.

The station says the £310,000 monument will be built on a corner of the St Pauli district near clubs where the group launched an international name for themselves with songs such as Love Me Do.

Source: Buckingham Today


9 Responses

  1. I think that Pete Best should be included. If Sutcliffe is, Best Should. Pete Best played a part in Beatle’s history, as did Stuart. Including one and not the other is wrong. Although, i believe Sutcliffe’s role in Beatle history had more of an impact on them…so, i mean I guess in a way I see why they would put him over Best, but they should pay respect to Best. After all, he was a part of the Beatles just as mch as Sutciffe, right?

  2. No Pete? I consider it a travesty! What an opportunity to put all 6 of them together in one statue!!! He wasn’t the best drummer but Sutcliffe stunk at bass too so why include him? Pete’s persona added to the Beatles’ lore. So did Stu. Un-freaking-believable!

  3. If it’s about The Beatles in Hamburg, then yes, Pete Best must be in it. Probably no other place would make sense, but certainly there. He was an integral part of the leather clad, rocking all night long, legend-in-the-making in Hamburg.

  4. john/paul/george/stuart/peter/ringo……that’s the beatles….all 6 need to be included…..

  5. What!? Sutcliffe was poor at bass and Best was poor at drums! Why not both?!

  6. to not include pete would be an utter disgrace.
    it would be like editing out scenes of billy preston
    from any future let it be presentation. it would be
    pretty dumb. whats klaus voormanns position?
    pete and stu were just as much a part of the band
    as ringo was. besides if pete were not removed
    there would be no ringo. right? i do not believe
    either of them were poor at their instruments.
    infact pete and stu were the original rhythmn
    section. both gents MUST be included.
    why a statue of three and actual photos of five.
    stu played such an important role and upon
    his death john probably pushed ahead with his
    dreams with much more determination. yeah?

  7. Get it right and include Pete Best.

  8. It would be a great travesty if Pete Best was left out of the final statue. He, not Ringo (who I really liked as a drummer) was not even involved it the boys evolving as a great band. Ringo came into the Beatles picture as a permament member in 1962, well after the Beatles were becoming a force in the Liverpool music scene. Lets see, wasn’t it Tony Sheridan & The Beatles, who recorded ‘My Bonnie”? If you look at the credits on the CD, the names of the Beatles were, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrision, and Pete Best. Just listen to the “Decca Tapes from Jan 1 1962, pete was the one on drums, not Ringo. I recently had the opportunity to see the Pete Best Band at a small venue in Philadelphia, and the show was great! It would be very unjust not to include Pete in this tribute statue. I have been to Liverpool earlier this year, and it seems like most ‘Beatles experts’ would like to just forget about Pete. If you ever have the chance to visit the Casbah Coffee Club, you will see that Pete was very instrumental in the history of the Beatles! If this statue is going to include Stu and Ringo, then Pete certainly needs to be included! Rock On!!!

  9. Hello, I urgently need to know who took this pic to publish it in The Sunday Times Magazine.
    Can anyone help in this matter?
    Many thanks.
    Jim Davies


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