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All you need is Luvs?

Recently we have noticed a weird phenomenon.  OK, I guess it’s not too strange, but we have seen an increase in the number of Beatle songs used in TV advertisements. I’m sure you all have your favorite, but it looks like the newest one may be just a little over the top. 

It looks like they really are going to use one of The Fab Four’s greatest peace and love anthems to hawk diapers.  I’m struck a little bit speechless.

  • What is your favorite Beatle-tuned commercial? 
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Here are some of our favorites.


Qwest-Got to Get You Into My Life

Allstate-When I’m 64 (sung by Julian Lennon)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Procter & Gamble wants Luvs to be all that parents need.

Its new “All You Need is Luvs” marketing campaign uses the classic Beatles song “All You Need is Love” to spread the word about Luvs’ Bear Hug Stretch diaper.

Bear Hug Stretch is the extra stretch added to the side tabs, which affix the front and back of the diaper, at no extra cost. The campaign is designed to offer a fresh approach to keep the brand relevant and top-of-mind with mothers. Saatchi & Saatchi, N.Y., created the execution.

The tune will play an important role in this new effort. “The song helps us break through the diaper advertising clutter and simply communicate to moms that Luvs diapers are ‘all you need’ to keep your baby happy,” Saatchi & Saatchi account manager Mark Rolland said in a statement.

In the first 30-second spot, “All You Need is Love” is played in a light rock style over a scene where a family is enjoying quality time together. The father playfully encourages his son as he plays and tumbles with his favorite teddy bear.

According to Luvs parent P&G, the new tagline will be communicated through national TV spots, DTC samples, a Net campaign, coupons and in-store displays that began this week. A second television execution featuring new ad creative launches in February.

The direct mail, Net marketing and new packaging efforts feature the children of P&G employees. This is the first time P&G employees’ kids have been used in P&G Baby Care packaging imagery and marketing efforts. In all, seven different children are featured.

The national ad campaign is being supported by a 20% increase in total marketing budget over last year. Cincinnati-based P&G spent $17 million on Luvs in 2006, and $4 million between January and April of this year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Source: Brandweek

12 Responses

  1. We are walking a fine line here. On most ads, the music is a backdrop for the situation depicted, such as the Allstate ad “When I’m 64”. The theme being retirment. But when a song title or lyric becomes the slogan for the product, like “All You Need Is Luv”, that tends to blur history. If the product is a big marketing success, a whole new generation will envision diapers when they here the song on the radio.

    Thanks Jocko!

  2. Noooooo!!! D*mn you, Michael Jackson!

    Using a Beatles song to promote a product used to collect poop is disgusting to me.

  3. The new skoda advertisement have the song Good Day Sunchine

  4. I’m not even going to address the Luvs issue here. Instead, has anyone seen that commerical, I think for OnStar, with the kids describing their respective accident situations? I think they talk about airbags and seatbelts, too. It was from the past year or two. I haven’t been able to confirm, and it’s hard to tell, but I think an instrumental version of “The Long and Winding Road” is playing in the background.

  5. I ‘m remembering now another philips advertisement with a version or original I’m no very sure, of getting better

  6. Oh my gosh, what bad version, why some artist, if you can`t call like that, want to do a version of THEY, all are bad, yes are bad.

    they used hello goodbye, and ruined it.
    and there were some others andi just can’t stand it.

    the nike, allstate, and qwest ones are fine, though. i realy like the nike and allstate.

    but i don’t like the fact that they are using such an amazing song of peace and love, to promote a diaper that will hold your kids poop. this is horrible, i am highly disappointed.

  8. I don’t care for nor appreciate Beatle songs in advertisements. Granted, it’s become matter-of-fact anymore. What really kills me is taking a lyric out of context for the product. Two other bands I admired in my long-gone youth, The Jam and The Clash had have their songs hawking Cadillacs and Jaguars respectively. It’s the way of the world, but I still don’t like it.

    So, when is Smuckers going to use Strawberry Fields Forever in an ad?!?!

  9. Hearing this news really bugs me. I wasn’t yet born in the 60s, but this is one very special song written by the Beatles, well John mostly. It helped bring on the Summer of Love and was a theme throughout the peace movement. This song has special meaning to people to this day and using it for a diaper commercial is degrading. Those people at Luvs must not have any real taste in the art of music.

  10. It’s just my opinion, but it makes me feel VERY sad when I hear of such things. For lots of young folks when they finally hear “All You Need Is Love” somewhere they will think of it as the diaper song (this was true for me as a youth hearing lots of
    show tunes” that I knew as connected to commercial products, to find out later that they were from old musicals). It seems especially inappropriate to use songs with a deeper purpose to sell something so out of context (used for it’s melody and the catch phrase that Luv’s intersects with Love)…Tommorow Never Know, or It’s All Too Much, or Hey Jude…or Imagine, My Sweet Lord, etc. all seem like things that shouldn’t be used to try and sell stuff…I know all is one, it’s a continuum and that, yes, people do need diapers…but the market place and the lower vibration in Capatalism in general and Madison Avenue in particular is not something I take a cotton to.
    For me, it just cheapens the art…in the long run the real message and art will get to those who truly want to seek it out…rest assured there is not shortage of access to The Beatles for the general public (well for the most part, and in a relative sense that’s very true)…anywho … Blessings of Love & Light to All !!!

  11. Why would they do that!!!??? That ruins the song!!!

    any way, Julian Lennon sang When I’m 64??!! He’s not even Paul’s kid!!!! He sounds terrible!

  12. Two of the most beautiful and sacred things in the world are Love and Music. And the most dangerous threat to life on this planet is the juggernaut of the pursuit of profit at all costs.

    Shame on them for using “All You Need is Love” to sell diapers (or anything for that matter)! BOYCOTT LUVS DIAPERS. Hands off the anthem of love! Music and Love and their glorious fusion in “All You Need is Love” should not be co-opted for profit.

    I’m performing next weekend on the Musicians for Peace political stage at the Monterey Summer of Love Festival (which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival during the 1967 Summer of Love). What better place to announce the boycott? At 6:30 each evening (7/28 and 7/29) we’ll have a sing-along of “All You Need is Love” with the day’s performers, and will be passing out a petition for signatures.

    I’m also starting an online petition. The site isn’t up yet, so please sign (i.e., comment) on the blog about this on my MySpace page (www.myspace.com/jackchernos) or email me at jack at department-of-justice.org (with the hyphens) in the meantime, preferably with your real name and city and state.

    Modern commercial culture promotes a nihilism where everything has a price, earnestness is mocked, and lies are commonplace. But words mean something. Songs mean something. Not everything should be for sale. Truth does exist. As our current state of affairs shows, truth and justice does not prevail unaided–the extent to which they prevail depends on us.


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