VIDEO: Sean Lennon unplugged on French TV.

As soon as I read the article that Sean Lennon had done a small interview on French television I got visions of his father.  As a fan of both Sean and John, it’s hard not to make comparisons between father and son.  Sean’s body of music stands on its own merits however.  I watched the impromptu performance by Sean Lennon and immediatley thought of one of my favorite John clips. 

The clip that came to mind from the mid-seventies, and it is for French televison as well.  It’s the little interview/Lady Marmalade clip.  It is one of my favorite little Lennon clips.  It is eerie though to play that one, and then watch the clip of Sean performing acoustic.  They are just so alike.

John Lennon performing Lady Marmalade

Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, was at France 24 to promote his new album ‘Friendly Fire’. Backstage, the singer gave an improvised performance on his guitar.

By the way, this is the article that they paired with the above video. It seems a little odd to me, but here it is.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Beatles music legend John Lennon was shot dead after deciding to return home from the studio to see his young son Sean rather than go to dinner, his widow Yoko Ono said in an interview broadcast Sunday.
The megastar musician’s last words in December 1980 were about his wish to see the couple’s only child before he fell asleep, she told BBC radio.

Lennon was killed by deranged fan Mark Chapman outside the former Beatle’s New York home nearly 27 years ago.
“We were returning from the studio, and I said, ‘Should we go and have dinner before we go home?’,” Ono recounted.
“John was saying, ‘No, let’s go home because I want to see Sean before he goes to sleep,’ and it was like he wasn’t sure if we would get home before he went to sleep and he was concerned about that.
“That was the last thing he said, that he wanted to see Sean.”
Japanese artist Ono, 74, spoke of her upbringing in war-torn Japan, her career and her life with British rock music star Lennon, including how their relationship developed.
“I think that in 1967 when we started, I felt scared about getting involved — that he was a Beatle — it dawned on me that it would be a different situation and I might lose my freedom, and everybody was so upset with us that they made up stories.”
Ono was vilified by many Beatles fans who blamed the band’s break-up on her influence on Lennon.
“It was hurtful in a way, it helped that I had John by my side,” she said.
“It did seem that those things were happening in the distance. What was said out there didn’t hurt so much.”
Ono said the pair were “narcissistic” about their honeymoon Vietnam War protest, when the newlyweds stayed in bed to promote peace.
She revealed her unhappiness when she found out she was pregnant with Sean after the couple reunited following a two-year split. Sean, today a musician, was born in 1975.
“I thought that I should let John decide whether to keep it or not. We’d just got back together and I became pregnant very soon, and I didn’t know if it was the right moment to have a child. I just didn’t want to burden him with something he didn’t want.”
Ono has another child by her first husband Anthony Cox, an American jazz musician. Daughter Kyoko Chan Cox was born in 1963.
“I just want to say to my two children ‘not to defend me’,” Ono said.
“I don’t want them to waste their time defending me. Don’t even think about the past or your mother, because your mother had a great life and you should know that.”

Source: France 24


3 Responses

  1. Hey!!

    You sinner!
    ok, 50 years since Paul and John first met it’s an amazing thing to celebrate. But what about another anniversary… 07/07/1940.

    Hey Ringo!
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. This is awesome. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Thanks! The John clip is one of my favorite ones of all-time.


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