VIDEO: Quarrymen interview on the BBC

The BBC has posted a video interview with the newly reformed Quarrymen. In the interview they talk about the day that  John Lennon met Paul McCartney.

They seem like a nice bunch of guys who happened to be at the right place at the right time. 

Check out The Quarrymen’s official website too.

  • You can watch the interview here.  (Interview is in Windows Media format and Real Player.  Please select which player you would like to use.)

Don’t forget that our Pre-Fab Four audio podcast is still up from yesterday.  You can hear a music clip from the day John met Paul as well as other early Beatle tracks.


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  1. I got a chance to see these guys at Beatlefest NY this year, and it was a treat as I bumped into one of them (holding the guitar in the photo) at the food line. We talked for over an hour, mostly about John and Paul. They are charming gentlemen who can still entertain and thier memories serve as a time machine for the faithful fan.

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