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EVENTS: When John met Paul

How will you celebrate what is arguably the most important Beatle anniversary.  OK, maybe one of the most important anniversaries in all of rock and roll?  We will be celebrating by listening to the earliest of early Beatle bootlegs, and maybe putting on some of those weird little skiffle records that we have.   I think that John and Paul would appreciate that in their honor.  It would only be fitting, right?

The folks over in Liverpool are throwing a party of their own with a recreation of the church fete where John met Paul as best as they can.  A certain skiffle group, you know those folks, The Quarrymen, will be making a return engagement at the same church.  It sounds like a splendid time.  I wish I could say that I would see you all there, but alas I cannot. I will be there in spirit.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It is nearly 50 years ago to the day that a young John Lennon met Paul McCartney at St Peter’s Church Hall fete in Woolton.

Lennon, then a member of The Quarrymen, was introduced to guitarist James Paul McCartney by mutual friend Ivan Vaughan on July 6, 1957, in what was to become a life-changing moment for the pair. The introduction was the catalyst for what was to become one of the greatest songwriting partnerships in musical history, and since then thousands of Beatles fans have attended the annual fete to mark the anniversary of the ‘Birth of the Beatles’ at the Woolton church.

McCartney was invited by Pete Shotton, another member of The Quarrymen also at the fete that day, to join the group, and within weeks it was clear a special musical bond had been formed between McCartney and Lennon.

The group, who later renamed themselves as The Beatles in 1960, played their first gig at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, a year later, performing hits such as My Bonnie, In the School Hall and Ain’t She Sweet, and recorded their first single in the same year.

Comprising of Lennon and McCartney (rhythm/vocals), George Harrison (lead vocals) and Ringo Star (drums), the band went on to become icons, not only in their hometown of Liverpool, but across the world.

But whatever become of the annual village fete at which they first met?

Rather than disintegrate, as the years went by, the fete became a huge attraction for Beatles fans worldwide.

And this year it will be central to the celebrations surrounding the pair’s first meeting, which will take place on July 6, 7 and 8 this year.

Angela Gillespie, events organiser, says: “Ten years ago at the 40th anniversary 3,500 people attended the Woolton Fete, and this time we expect it to be just as big.

“Only 150 tickets are available each night and so far I have had requests from USA, Belgium, Denmark and Norway to register their interest, as well as Newcastle and Scunthorpe.”

Both nights provide buffet and beer tent/bar at St. Peter’s Church Hall, as well as stalls, Beatles memorabilia and children’s entertainment as part of the Capital of Culture part-funded weekend.

The programme for the Friday and Saturday evenings will feature special guests such as Bob Harris, Colin Hall, Geoff Rhind, Mark Lewisohn and BBC Radio Merseyside’s Spencer Lee.

The Saturday night features a performance from 50’s tribute band the Jukebox Eddies (led by original founder of the Beatles Story, Mike Byrne) as well as the original John Lennon’s Quarrymen, while a Music Festival on the grounds of Bishop Martin School (formerly the Church Field where the Quarrymen first featured) will be held on the Sunday afternoon.

Performers include the Mersey Cats Bands, Streetwaves Bands and The Mersey Beatles.

Angela says: “This is a historic weekend and we would like all Beatles and music fans from across Liverpool, UK and the world to celebrate with us.”

Source: Liverpool


22 Responses

  1. this meeting was really blessed above all by aunt Mimi(John’s aunt!)i’m joking,she was really angry about John’s musical attitudes because she thought her nephew should find a very good work and starting a great working career!aunt Mimi,have you seen there,in the skies what your nephew created?d’you think again all of this is always foolish???well,this event,is the most important one,really the first!but,it would be so beautiful,i think perfect if sir Paul would be there,with Ringo…….for joining this party!you know,after all,people celebrating John and Paul,they’re celebrating the birth of the Beatles!so…….

  2. I was eight years old when this landmark meeting took place, totally unaware of the events that were about to unfold years later. This is truely a landmark event. One that will go on to make a huge splash in a decade that has its ripples felt even now.

    Of all the terrific celebrations going on this year, Love, Sgt Pepper’s, etc…St Peter’s Church Hall Fete is the one I wish I could attend.

  3. i was still not born when the true meeting took place, as i am only 15, but I wish so badly to go & see this, but my heart and most likely my mind will be there… Because in my mind, this is the most detrimental moment in rock & roll history.

  4. Think how easily John and Paul could have easily been the frontmen for their own individual groups and never come together… This meeting was far more important than changing drummers because it was a total chance encounter! Now let’s have that audio tape from the event released, eh? Even if the sound quality isn’t so great, it’s the historic significance of it all. And Apple is just sitting on it…UGH!

  5. Raj,
    Can you tell us more about the audio tape?

  6. puttin on the ritz, baby lets play house , i think are the two songs i beleive they were recorded that day huh? too bad apple didn’t put on the anthlogies….maybe as a single with now and then……..hello ulla………..

  7. OK kiddies….hold onto your hats….I have an audio treat for you…It was going to be a surprise, but just wait for the anniversary and see….


  9. it is also ringo’s birthday……67 years young…..

  10. forawc1967:i remember Ringo’s b-day is on 7th july,not 5th!!!

  11. forawc1967:well,young???uhmmmm………maybe he looks like young…….but 67 years old are 67,my friend!!!!

  12. for ulla…67 aint old ask any 67 year old……i am very aware of ringos birthday ulla…it’s on the 7th…july 7th 1940……i am 40 does that make me old too……how old are you ulla???????

  13. for ulla….it’s the 6th not the 5th, dear…..

  14. no actually it’s the 7th..

  15. ahahahahahahahahahahah

  16. forawc1967:don’t you know that it isn’t good asking the age to the ladies????

  17. NOT IF YOUR ONLY 22.

  18. veronica bitch… he was my once my man. why take him…i pregnant, me…baby boy…

  19. ulla……..you were always right….i was always wrong….


  21. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Ulla Veronica comments, but c’mon guys….please keep things tame.

    I am open to everyone being able to post their comments here in a free and open way. All that I ask is that you all keep things nice for everyone.

    I would hate to have to shut comments on articles off completely. Let’s not be nasty please.

  22. this soap opera must end now, i am sorry for all the silly posts that i did here. it is all over now. the facts are this: 1. ulla is miss prym. 2. i pretended to be ulla on some posts here. 3. ulla also posted as me, she said all the bad things about him. 4. i posted as awc1967 to embarrass him, most of his posts are me. 5.ulla and awc1967 are only internet friends, but ulla wants more from him, but he is happily married and ulla has to accept that. 6. i was hoping he and i could be internet friends but he and ulla are that., so i will give them their space. 7. we all have sent angry emails to one another, but it has stopped a while back. 8. i am sorry for all this mess and from now on, i will post nice, thank you .

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