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Beatles and the Stones to appear on special Cavern Club album

It looks like the rivalry has ended folks.  It’s no longer The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones.  The argument is finished.  The two heavy weights that had once haced off in the hearts of rock and roll fans have called a truce after a near 50-year battle of the pop culture bragging rights.  OK, not really, but it makes a good headline doesn’t it?

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are two artists set to appear on a compilation of artists celebrating the fabled Cavern Club.  The impressive collection features over 50 artists who have at one time or another appeared at the storied club where legends were born.  I’m not always a huge fan of these large rock compilatins, but it really does look like a rock who’s who.  Keep your eyes peeled for it late in the summer.  The tracklisting looks nothing short of impressive.

(Thanks to Jamie at The Beatles’ Story for sending in the link.) 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Containing 50 tracks from artists who have all appeared at the club over the years, the tracklist reads like a Who’s Who of British popular music over the decades, and amply highlights the pivotal importance and influence the club has extended over the years since it opened on 16th January 1957.

Other notable rock royalty on the album include The Who, Queen, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, The Kinks, Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney performing the classic track All Shook Up live at the Cavern. There are also a number of modern bands appearing including The Coral, Travis and Arctic Monkeys.

The album is released on 20th August, ahead of the internationally acclaimed Mathew Street Festival, which runs over the Bank Holiday weekend every year and is typically visited by in excess of three hundred thousand people.

For more info and a tracklisting click here: http://www.cavern-liverpool.co.uk/archive/emi.htm

Source: Beatles’ Story


15 Responses

  1. how many artists!omg!but just greatest!well,about the Beatles and Rolling Stones,i can tell there wasn’t rivalry,maybe someone like for example:journalists,music critics etc,thought about rivalry,but in reality there was a friendship between these two groups:first:Mick Jagger was a big friend for John,in fact in Rolling Stones album:”Golden circus” Mick invited to sing in this album John and Yoko,then Mick told about just months before John died,he (mick)called John at the phone,because John was living in loneliness,far from his friends,too,so mick one day went into Dakota building and leave a written message for John,with much love,but unfortunately John never replied Mick!then,there’s a friendship even between sir Paul and Keith Richards,and they are on one “Rolling stone”magazine’s front cover,one next to another,then,i can remember that in “The Beatles anthology 2″there’s a song recorded with the help of a Rolling Stones guitarist!(sorry,but i don’t remember the name!)

  2. I was kinda hoping to hear live Cavern recordings on this set. “Some Other Guy” or “Kansas City” by the Beatles would have been PERFECT!!! Otherwise, why buy this set? I am pretty sure most Beatle fans have “Please Please Me” already…

  3. I would’ve prefered to hear an album from the acts that played there during it’s formative and heyday years…..not acts that performed there just to say they did it.

  4. i’m in agreement – i would have preferred live tracks from artists of the cavern’s heyday. alas.

  5. good job ulla…you are a true beatles fan….peace and love in your life………..

  6. ullu, it’s called rock and roll circus, and it never aired untill 1995…..the stones guitarist, brian jones played on you know my name, look up the number back in 1967….it was going to be a 1968 plastic ono band single then ended up on the b-side of let it be, in 1970….making it the last official song released by the beatles……untill free as a bird….lol

  7. for awc1967:ok,after this “Great”figure,i think i can leave the forum…………looooooooool!you know,my “merory” is “almost full”!

  8. forawc1967:ehm,ehm…..i remind you that my name is not ullu!it’s just ulla,please!

  9. i am so sorry ulla ……….for everything………forgive me……..take care of your self and be happy…….it was a great moment of my life……..may i never forget…..always smile, ok……….goodbye…………


  11. ulla…honesty was always there, smile for me…..




  15. this soap opera must end now, i am sorry for all the silly posts that i did here. it is all over now. the facts are this: 1. ulla is miss prym. 2. i pretended to be ulla on some posts here. 3. ulla also posted as me, she said all the bad things about him. 4. i posted as awc1967 to embarrass him, most of his posts are me. 5.ulla and awc1967 are only internet friends, but ulla wants more from him, but he is happily married and ulla has to accept that. 6. i was hoping he and i could be internet friends but he and ulla are that., so i will give them their space. 7. we all have sent angry emails to one another, but it has stopped a while back. 8. i am sorry for all this mess and from now on, i will post nice, thank you .

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