VIDEO: Paul McCartney’s secret Amoeba gig.

In case you haven’t seen the video clips from this week’s secret Paul McCartney gig that took place at the fabled indie record store, here are some video clips that have been floating out in the ether.  ENJOY!  Later in the day I will post some more news reports, and celebrity sightings from the awesome show. 

There are a TON of more video clips from the secret amoeba gig, but I will post them later today.  Stay tuned!

Official Paul McCartney video clip from the Amoeba gig

Audience footage from the Amoeba gig.

Hey Jude

Paul entering the gig

Here Today

Back in the USSR

Drive My Car


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for these video of the Screat gig.

  2. […] VIDEOS from Paul’s secret Amoeba gig. I promised earlier this morning that I would link to the other video clips of Paul’s LA/Amoeba secret gig videos.  These are […]

  3. where’s Wix?

  4. Funniest Videos In One Place

    Funniest Videos In One Place

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