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Paul McCartney rocks LA with secret show + VIDEO.

So far this morning there are few details trickling out about Paul’s secret promotional gig at the world’s most famous indepdendent record store. We know there were two Beatles present in the building. Yes, Ringo did make it out to the show. We do not know how much the setlist differed from the NYC and London shows however. It’s been slow goings this morning with the news reports. We’ll post more throughout the day. The whole LA gig kind of reminds me of the movie Empie Records doesn’t it?

Here is one Fox news video report that has a clip or two from the Amoeba gig, and it sure to tide you guys over for your Paul McCartney fixes this fine morning. If any of you managed to attend this show, we’d love to hear your reports too. Let us know in the comments.

Here’s a video clip from the audience of the in-store performance.  We’ll post more as we find them.

Also, here’s a setlist for the Amoeba secret gig.  It looks pretty similar to the other secret gigs for Memory Almost Full.

LA Setlist

Drive My Car
Only Mama Knows
Dance Tonight
C Moon
The Long And Winding Road
I’ll Follow The Sun
Calico Skies
That Was Me
Here Today
Back In The USSR
Nod Your Head
House Of Wax
I’ve Got A Feeling
Get Back
Baby Face
Hey Jude

Let It Be
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There

Here’s what we’ve read.

Last night Paul rocked Amoeba Records in LA! More coverage very shortly! But in the meantime check out our mini review straight from the US!

Since Monday, news crews and hundreds of fans lined the streets alongside Amoeba Records. The came from as far as Japan to see Paul perform songs from his new album “Memory Almost Full” (#5 in the US) as well songs from his Beatles and Wings days.
Nearly 900 people packed the LA shop, before fire marshalls made the determination that the building would be unsafe should more fans be allowed in. So in an attempt to satisfy the hundreds who weren’t admitted, organizers opened the doors to allow those still on the street the opportunity to hear the concert out on Sunset Boulevard.

Among those in attendance: Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison, Joe Walsh, Alanis Morrisette, Woody Harrelson, Jeff Lynne, Jennifer Love Hewitt and many others.

Source: PaulMcCartney.com


5 Responses

  1. well,it’s better changing the place!i’ve seen the photo in the last article of this record store,and it seems to be so small,so i think the air inside there,must to be not allowed for breathing!i hope there was the conditioning air!wow!in the Sunset boulevard,in an open place,it’s so nice above all if this gig will be at night!

  2. So glad to hear Paul in great voice recently. I was beginning to worry about him. But do you know what I took from this newest clip?

    Looks like he’s got a new strap for the Hofner after all these years. God help me, but THATS what I got out of it….;)

  3. how much is beatle bath water going for these days? i would love to have been there, i would have inhaled paul and ringo’s exhales. i wonder if they used the urinals? paul and ringo are two of the hippest cats around. it’s cool to be 60 ish…… i love them more than words can say say say.

  4. i would love have a piece of paul and ringo’s hair….

  5. I have a small clip from the Paris Hilton video on my blog. To bad it got leeched onto the internet for everyone to watch. She did not want it to be released as it was her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon that released it.

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