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Paul McCartney secret L.A. show tonight. More reports + details

So here’s the million dollar question?  Are any of you dear readers luck enough to be attending the surprise, in-store, small venue gig, this evening?  I guess you wouldn’t even be able to answer because you’d be in line right now.   Maybe they have wireless outside the music store.  Well, if you do snag a wristband and any of you do attend please send us your reports of the show.  We’d love to hear about it all.  Dam west coast.

It looks like tonight will be a lot of fun at such an intimate venue. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Equipped with folding chairs and sleeping bags, hundreds of fans of Paul McCartney lined up at a funky Hollywood record store on Tuesday to snag wristbands for a free show there by the ex-Beatle.

Toni Johnson, 55, stood at the front of the line. Wearing a Paul McCartney concert T-shirt, she said she flew in from Chicago late Saturday and had been in line since Monday afternoon.

“It was noisy, cold. I was trying to sleep upright in a chair. I’m on two hours of sleep,” she said. “But for Paul, it’s worth it. His music touches my soul and puts a smile on my face like no one else can.”

McCartney will play an all-ages concert at Sunset Boulevard’s Amoeba Music at 7:30 p.m. PDT Wednesday, his spokesman Paul Freundlich confirmed.

The wristbands will be given out starting at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday.

“This has not been finalized, but we’re likely looking at a minimum of 300 people inside,” Freundlich told The Associated Press.

Released earlier this month, McCartney’s newest album, “Memory Almost Full,” has sped up the Billboard charts, and ranks No. 3.

The album, his 21st solo work, received impressive reviews from critics for its blend of nostalgia and melody.

An impromptu gig by McCartney two weeks ago at the Highline Ballroom in New York City sparked talk of a tour, but McCartney has no tour plans at this time, Freundlich said.

On Tuesday, Danville resident Sharon White, 43, stood in line with her son, Alexander, 9.

White said she has been a McCartney fan since she was 4 years old. She first saw McCartney, with his band Wings, in 1976.

This was her son’s third time seeing McCartney, she said.

“I’m a little disappointed that it’s not in a club,” White said. “But we’ll take what we can get. To see him in a small venue is a lifelong dream.”

Source: SF Gate


16 Responses

  1. i can understand perfectly these people,travelling from a state to another of America,with this terrible hot weather,with few hours for sleeping and leaving all the important private things to do behind.just for sir Paul!this is a big gift for him,i think!i hope this gig will be nicer than the other one!

  2. i am very a “jealous guy ” of those l.a. people.

  3. for awc1967:ahahahahah!no,you don’t need of being like you told!i’m not jealous,i’m desperate,but i’m trying to “imagine”……..

  4. “how do you sleep”, “how”…..”nobody told me” “things we said today” would “get back” to me…….”tell me why”, “if i fell” you would “hold me tight”. ok ok it’s corny but it’s the best i could do on such short notice.


  6. veronica, those words i used were song titles. they were not come ons….ever heard of the beatles…..now and then is a great song……

  7. porVeronica Fuentes:hola Veronica!encantada!todo lo que ha dicho Allan es verdad!aquellas son canciones de los Beatles!muchas gracias por tu ayuda para “Now and then”!tu eres mi’ amiga,vale?perdoname si yo estoy escribiendo en espanol,pero yo he entendido que tu eres sur-americana,creo!de donde eres?yo soy italiana.espero,que tu continuaras a escribir tus opiniones,dentro este sitio!saludos!**Ulla**

  8. for Allan Cook:”cause i’m just 24!you know,what i mean”,”oooooh Allan,ooooh Allan,my friendship turns you on………….”!!!! 😉

  9. yes ulla, your friendship turns me ……….life begins at 40…..at least here it does……….and the way you look is way beyond compare. how could i dance with another when i saw ulla standing there…………..

  10. for awc1967:i don’t want to kiss or hold your hand,if it’s funny try and understand there is really nothin’else i would rather do,cause i’mhappy just to dance with you/i don’t need to hug or hold you tight,i just want to dance with you all night !/just to dance with you,is everything i need and i’m so happy when you dance with me/IF SOMEBODY TRIES TO TAKE MY PLACE,LET’S PRETEND WE JUST CAN’T SEE HIS/HER FACE,before this dance is through ithink i’ll love you too,i’m so happy just to dance with you!!!! 😉

  11. alright ulla, i should have known better with a girl like you, that i would love everything that you do….. ulla, everybody gonna dance tonight, me and you dance all night……

  12. for awc1967:”dream,dream away……magic in the air…..cause magic in the air…….”

  13. for ulla, dreaming is fine, but i am dancing….see my foot prints on the clouds

  14. forawc1967:oh……wait……….i can’t see you………where are you?………

  15. forawc1967:i’m dancing every day of my life………..without stop me………….be carefull for your feet………..


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