Traveling Wilburys to get deluxe book treatment.

Have you gotten the Traveling Wilbury’s re-issued albums yet?  What’s stopping you folks?  I was more than pleasantly surprised to pick up the re-issued Wilbury albums last week in deluxe format.  I had missed the excitement of the group when they first came out (Remember, I am a second-gen Beatle fan. I was a little late to the party.).  I have been rocking out all week to the Wilbury set.  It’s been nothing short of fun.

The wonderful publishers over at Genesis Publications are also contributing to the Wilbury madness party.  They are cooking up one of those beautiful deluxe edition books, which is long overdue, for the world’s greatest supergroup.  Normally, these deluxe edition babies are totally out of my price range, but my birthday is coming up when this book should be released.  Maybe I will have to indulge myself.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes out about this title.  It looks awesome.

Don’t forget to stop at the Wilbury’s official website.  There’s a lot of fun stuff to check out there too.  The podcast is pretty good.   

Here’s what we’ve read.

In the week that the long-awaited re-issue of The Traveling Wilburys Volumes 1 and 3 went on sale, Genesis Publications is pleased to announce a long overdue limited edition book on the world’s greatest supergroup.

Expected for publication in Autumn 2007, the limited edition Traveling Wilburys book will present a trove of unseen photos and memorabilia from the Harrison estate archives. These will sit alongside classic photos of the band with text drawn from interviews given by the various Wilburys all over the world.

Genesis’ books are always special, but in dealing with a collaboration as this, subscribers can expect all the stops to be pulled for a spectacular box set.

Keep an eye on the website for more news in the coming months.

Source: Genesis Publications


6 Responses

  1. the wilbury’s were a surprise hit. i remember back in 1988, when it first came out, i heard they were called the trembling blenders, travelling wheel barrows..etc. wilburys sound a whole lot better. they were george’s group all the way….it was george’s album label too, in fact it was george’s song that started it all…..dylan, lynne, orbison and petty were great guys to hang out with too. they had the greatest chemistry since the beatles. after roy died it just wasn’t the same, volume three was an excellent album as well. what a great time for beatle fans.

  2. hello, ulla were the wilbury’s big over in italy too?

  3. ok,i would like to say that this is a good idea.because it’s right to have an opportunity for all the Travellin fans to read about their group.and i think Genesis are great,too!(i love Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel).so,i hope that there won’t be any foughts among Travellin and Genesis.

  4. for awc1967:hi!sorry,if i wasn’t here for some days,but i went for relaxing myself to the beach,but idid too much sunbathing,so my body,my skin was burned!(now,i’m ok)but there was like a fire inside me!anyway,apart my misadventure,i would replying to your question:the Travellin are reminded in particular for some of them like for example:George,Bob,Tom,Roy…..but like a group i mean all together,are reminded not often,or really not like The asked me,if the Travellin were big in Italy too,well,i’ll tell you that they were big,yes,but not considering the group but like considering every member of the group.i hope you understand what i mean. P.S. if you look at Ringo’s article where you and i written about “Little willow”i replied to what have you written.

  5. ur shis

  6. picked up the wilburys collection two weeks ago and have been playing non stop ever since, the book sounds very interesting.

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