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Paul McCartney Eyes Second Deal With Starbucks Hear Music

Who would’ve thought that Memory Almost Full would be doing so well on the charts?  Not that we had doubts about it, I mean we love the album.  Arguably, it is Paul’s finest work in decades.   I know here at the blog I have been talking this thing up since I first heard it. I have been builiding up the hype for some time.  I have to admit that it may be a little biased. But it truly is wonderful work.  It is many things all at the same time.  It is like a good boulebase.  It is poppy with many hooks, and deeply personal, nostalgic without sounding dated.  There is one things lacking however, a huge radio following. I know that the landscape of music today is changing, and it’s good to see that an album like this has a chance to succeed in today’s musical climate. 


Many people called McCartney a bit crazy to jump to a new music label that specialized in coffee, but it seems that he was at a point where trying something totally new would give him a PR boost, thus a boost in sales.  It has worked brilliantly.  I love the creative things that the new label has tried with this album.  What a better marriage than a rock icon to kick off your label?  I love the fact that they tried some viral marketing and truly pushed this album.  It was a PR blitz previously unseen for McCartney. I mean from a business stand point he is taking music out of the traditional music store only, and taking it to where the people congregate, right?  He’s utilizing technology as a PR tool in new ways as well. I guess it only helps that Memory Almost Full happens to be a truly great album. It looks like the McCartney-Starbuck’s partnership will continue with another album.  I just hope it’s a rock album of new material.  I have heard grumblings that there will be a classical guitar album in the works.  Not that McCartney’s classical works are not enjoyable, I would just like to see the pattern of quality rock albums from Paul continue.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney is reportedly planning to sign a second record deal with coffee chain Starbucks, because he is thrilled with the sales of his latest album Memory Almost Full.

McCartney caused controversy among his liberal fans when he signed a one-album deal with Starbucks’ Hear Music label after 43 years with music giant EMI.

Music industry insiders claim McCartney refused to sign more than a one-album deal with Hear Music because he was concerned the venture might not work. But after the disc went to number three in the U.S. album charts earlier this month (Jun07), the former Beatle is delighted.

An insider tells British newspaper Daily Express, “Paul always had the business brain in The Beatles. Now that the new album is selling well, Paul has finally been convinced to sign a long-term deal with Starbucks and is expected to put pen to papers in the coming weeks.

This means Starbucks will be responsible for Paul’s albums for many years to come.”

Source: Post Chronicle


3 Responses

  1. paul is working on a guitar concerto, hope it’s not another orchestra instrumental album. paul wrote those orchestrated albums but he didn’t play on them at all, thus making them not his albums. as far as the fireman albums, and the liverpool institute experimental soundtrack, both of them sound more like “youth ” of killing joke. in fact it is youth who does most of the work on them, anyway. i would put all these albums in the “two virgins”, ” life with the lions”,” wedding album”, “electronic sound” file. as for wonderwall music, george didn’t even perform on it, but it is a preety good album by the remo four and those indian musicians. if starbucks can give paul better promotions, then paul should continue with this label…. memory almost full is such a joy. paul is such a great musician, so glad he’s still doing music.

  2. well,i hope this teamwork:sir Paul-Starbucks if it will good,will continue.i think sir Paul,trying to make new music in another way,you know,this is an experiment,and like all the experiments,it could work or not,we must to see,about classical or rock music,well i don’t know but i think sir Paul is inclined to classical music,but i don’t know why,it’s a sensation.he’s a good rocker,it’s obvious,but i think if he playied classical music it was another hit for him!

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