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George Harrison to get star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Doesn’t this seem a little long overdue?  I didn’t even realize the George had not received his star on the Hollywod Walk of Fame.  I just assumed that all of The Beatles had a star of their own.  I guess I was wrong.  George would be proud of this award.  I can picture him shrugging it off at the ceremony and having a laugh.

John Lennon is the only other member of The Beatles to have his own star on the Walk of Fame.  You would think that they would hand one out to Paul simply for Give My Regards to Broadstreet alone. (I kid, I kid…) No actually, I was surprised that Paul did not have one.  Interesting.  This news article may also be the only place in recorded existence that you will hear Ricky Martin’s name in the same breath as George Harrison’s.  Ironic.

  • Check out the Walk of Fame’s official website for a complete directory of stars. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

George Harrison, Ricky Martin, Tim Robbins and Cate Blanchett are among stars to be enshrined in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hollywood’s honorary mayor, Johnny Grant, announced the list of 2008 inductees, noting recipients were chosen from hundreds of nominations received by the Walk of Fame Committee.

Pavement stars are given to entertainers in films, television, theatre and recording. Directors of the committee selected recipients and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce board ratified the selections on June 8.

“I am happy to announce an array of celebrities who have earned this recognition for a combination of professional achievement and community involvement,” Grant said.

Source: Metro


5 Responses

  1. great to see george get his due. i wonder if any of the other beatles have a star yet, anyone know? next up is to make ringo , sir richard starkey. i wonder if there any more songs left from the brainwashed sessions, i heard back in 2002 that there were 35 songs recorded for brainwashed…if so, i hope they see the light of day….one of them was called valentine. but as mr. happy says, PLEASE RELEASE ” NOW AND THEN “.GOD bless dear george.

  2. so wait… i looked on the website. and only john has one…

    and now george

  3. so wait… i looked on the website. and only john has one…

    and now george!

  4. i’m touched!really!like John it was right for George to have a star,too!i thought all four of them had one!i thought above all Ringo had it!because after the Beatles he started actor’s career and in the meantime he playied and sang,too!so,i thought the” land of movies”(like i call it)already given them a star for each one!that’s strange!

  5. It’s time, it’s time, the rest of THE BEATLES each deserve their own star. Since John has one. they all need to have one. THE BEATLES themselves do have a star, but you can’t give one to George and not to Paul and Ringo. They all have had individual careers.
    Hmm, Maybe Brian Wilson of the BEACH BOYS needs to have one for himself too.

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