Beatles flourish on charts.

I have to boast a little bit.  The news of the former members of The Beatles’ success on the charts only helps to support our claim that this year (and hoefully next) will be remembered as the year of the Beatle.  Years from now music scholars and fans will look back at this time and see a resurgence in popularity and interest in all things Fab.

I know that the same can be said about the 1990’s, with the release of The Beatle Anthology, but somehow this is different.  We are getting new, quality, material from Paul who is forcing people to recognize and reevaluate his solo output for the mastery that parts of it, especially the latter parts, really are.  That alone is impressive.  When you put  a remastered, superbly remastered, Traveling Wilbury retrospective into the mix, you get an impressive summer.  Couple these two releases with a star-studded Lennon tribte album going to a good cause, and the promise of a remastered Ringo greatest hits package and a not-too-far off new LP, and you have chart success and a surge in interest of all-things Beatle.  This flurry of activity is nothing but a warm-up to the eventual release of a Beatle back catalog, as soon as they get around to perfecting it.

Folks, soak it all in.  We may not see a true concentrated swarm of high-quality Beatle activity for a while.  The year of the Beatle is upon us, and the chart success is proving that our beloved band of musicians are as popular and vital as ever. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney, George Harrison and the songs of John Lennon can all be found in the top 15 of the U.S. pop album chart, the biggest confluence of ex-Beatles in years.

McCartney celebrated his 65th birthday (June 18) by holding at No. 3 for a second week on the Billboard 200 with his new solo album “Memory Almost Full.”

The late George Harrison joined Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison in the Traveling Wilburys. The supergroup’s two albums have been repackaged with a DVD and that collection entered the chart at No. 9.

The charity album “Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur,” featuring cover versions of John Lennon songs by artists like U2, Green Day and Big & Rich, opened at No. 15.

It’s been just over 16 years since a Traveling Wilburys album appeared on the Billboard 200. The quintet’s first set debuted at No. 57 in November 1988, and peaked at No. 3. The self-titled album spent 53 weeks on the chart. The follow-up, “The Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3,” recorded after Orbison’s death, debuted at No. 40 in November 1990, and peaked at No. 11, ultimately spending 22 weeks on the chart. That means the new collection is the second-highest charting of the three releases by the Traveling Wilburys.

In the United Kingdom, the coming together of the former Beatles is in even sharper relief. “The Traveling Wilburys Collection” debuted at No. 1, McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” fell five places to No. 10, and an album by John Lennon, “Lennon Legend – The Very Best Of” opened at No. 30. The “Instant Karma” album won’t be released until June 25, and will only be eligible for the separate compilation album chart.

Source: Reuters


2 Responses

  1. these are big positions in a music chart!i think they ever weren’t all four (or three)of them together in the same chart!it’s really a great union!|don’t you think?i think we have enough Beatle stuff for relaxing and listening incredible music from now,during the whole summer and i think till X-mas time!(no,well,i’m joking,till there is too much! ;-)anyway,in my country everytime there’s a new Beatle project which is pubblished it’s always charting much higher than others singers projects(it will be perhaps a respectful way for remembering them?i don’t know exactly,but probably it could be!i really hope so!)i can remember when “The Beatles anthology”came out,and after few days,in my country the Beatles peaked #1 instead!for me it was incredible,awesome,because i’ve seen all the others singers positions going down!i think that day i thought:”The Beatles are really monsters!but not evil monsters!but good monsters maybe created by God!”and after some weeks they were still at #1!(this position was for all of three anthologies!)i hope even this time i’ll could say these words that i said many times ago!

  2. Actually…did they ever really go away? Beatles news and their popularity has been rampant since they disbanded in 1970, IMHO. I used to subscribe to a Beatles fanzine that was never at a shortage for news, and the editor used to always reiterate that. Just look at all the news that’s been on this blog…

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